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Beware when you rent a car from Europcar from New Zealand.
I rented a car from Queenstown from 05-16-09 to 05-21-09, and I got ripped off. I payed using my mastercard before we took the car out of the lot. I agreed to pay the amount in full. Everything went well but a month later there was a charge of 56.25 from Europcar. It was charged to my card the same day I turned the car in which was 05-21-09. I never agreed or authorized that payment. I send am e-mail about the charge. Two days later, I was told because I had used the snow chains in the car. First, I never used them because I never had problems with ice on the rode. I did inspect them but never used them. They said the tape on the box was broken so I was charged. I send an e-mail about getting a refund to Daniel Goodsir the manager but never heard from him and never got my money. There was nothing in the contract, and I was never told about the chains. If i was told about them, I would never even touch them.

Also the service was bad and very unproffesional. The clerk was rude and did not seem to care for there guest. The car was dirty when it was given to me. I would never use this company again. They have lots of complains in customer reviews. I wish I would of check the reviews first. Be careful if you choose this company. You might find a surprise when you get your statement

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  • Aj
      Nov 12, 2009

    Europcar is a ripp-off. We rented a car for 16 days. We got it back three hours late, and they then, without any advance warning, charged us as though we were a walk -in at the full rate. Came out to $375, or $125 an hour. Do not rent from Europcar. Stay with a US firm.

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  • Wi
      Jan 27, 2011

    Well you opened the box with the chains. What would you do in their shoes. I have rented from them, it stated on a laminated card attached or adhered to the chains box if chains are opened you will be charged $XXX. Tell me something if you were "So Confident" in driving in icy conditions, why inspect them? if they have tape or cable tied shut, clearly they have been inspected before you hired your car.

    Your clutching at straws mate over $56 apparently "unauthorised"
    you signed the contract. People like you that dont READ the conditions of hire and moan about companies exercising their right to charge according to terms and conditions get up my nose. I see it all the time in my work, assumtion is the mother of all stuff ups. Well in saying that, people actually READ the terms and conds on their finance contracts, so I get lucky with that I guess.

    Are you an adult, do you need someone to walk through the whole contract & Terms & Conditions with you? I use Europcar all the time world wide, apart from a few isolated cases which were rectified quickly, I have never had an issue, and happy to continue using them.

    I don't know what the laws are like in what ever country you are from, i dont really care, but in NZ it is illegal to charge without authorisation, IF you disputed the charge, why did you not have them "knocked back". Your probably going to mention you didn't see the statement etc etc. Simple, Keep an eye on your money.

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