Europcar Heathrow Airport / scam - overcharge

55 Welford House, Leicester, United Kingdom

I reserved a car at Heathrow Airport on May 23rd;
my reservation was for a standard car at a base rate of 11.00 GBP per day plus
taxes. My estimate bill on my
reservation was 134.81 GBP.

On arriving at the counter to pick up the vehicle, I was
told that the vehicle reserved was not available; they only had this vehicle
type as an automatic instead of a manual drive. The young lady went on to tell
me that normally charge 2.50 GBP per day for this upgrade, but as I was a
regular customer, she could let me have it for 1.50 GBP per day extra. As the base rate was 11.00 GBP per day, I expected to pay an additional 12.00 GBP plus taxes at the end of the 8 day
rental. I initialed that I have selected to bring the vehicle back full of fuel, and she gave me the key.

On receiving by bill, I saw that she had charged me 150.00
GBP per day, instead of the 1.50 GBP per day extra. Therefore my total bill for this car for 8 days showed a 1, 790.91
GBP on my AMEX statement.
When I complained they responded that they were not there to verify the conversation.
$3070.00 for a 8 day car rental for a Volkswagen!!! -- I got scammed...

Oct 01, 2014

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