Europcardamages not caused by me

I returned the keys for a Fiat Panda that was supposed to be a like for like for my vauxhall corsa, which was a horrible thing.. when i pointed out various damages to the car not on the delivery note, the delivery man at first would not confirm/sign, But i was having none of that and he signed it.. I then dropt the car keys off for them friday afternoon after i got my car back and they picked the car up sometime while i was out..Come Saturday there was a sheet put through my door stating i had damaged 3 of the alloy wheels..Which i Know for a fact did not do, as i did not manoeuver the car near any kerbs what so ever, so they must have been there when it was delivered? But unfortunately i did not look at the wheels as didnt give them a thought!!.. I have told the third party who hired it for me ie i was having my car repaired due to a bump I will not pay this as I did not do it.. They are saying they will send to a Debt collector if i dont..can the debt collector get the money out of you? I am not paying for something i have not done!!

Mar 20, 2015

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