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I have rented a car for two days at a EuropCar London location at Marble Arch. The day of returning the car was Sunday. The servant at the company told me that because the branch will be closed on Sunday, I will have to leave the car at the ramp in front of the branch and if there will be no space, to park it at the car parking above.

When I came to return the car on Sunday, the ramp was packed with cars, so I had to park it in the car parking, which I did.

To my astonishment, when I received an invoice from EuropCar I found that they charged me £54 for the parking. This is ridiculous! Why did they charge me for something which is THEIR problem? There was no space in their branch. What did they want me to do with the car? To put it on my head? THEY could not make sure that there was a space, and it is THEIR problem!! Why should I pay for their problem?

I called the branch and explained the situation, but found iron wall in front of me. No one wanted to make even a step to help. The guy there refused to give any telephone of their Customer Services and help in any way.

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  • Eu
      Mar 15, 2011

    I am sorry to hear of your experience detailed above. Please contact us at [protected] so that we can investigate the matter further for you.

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  • Un
      Aug 29, 2012

    I have the same problem and now they are changing me 97, 40 pounds. I have spoken to them and I was told that it was a parking fine on the next day of delivering the vehicle. I was unware of this charge until I receveid my credit car statement. They didn't even sent an email, a letter or called to inform me about the charge. Totally unfair and far worse when they just charge us without our consent!!

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  • Ji
      Dec 02, 2012

    Europcar: I hired a car for one day in Sheffield to drive to Bradford then to London. I left the car at the Kings Cross depot out of hours. It was picked up full of fuel and delivered back half full.

    I have photographs of the fuel guage and of the car.

    I was astonished to receive an invoice for over £430 for one day of hire. They charged me the hire and the one way fee, as agreed. They also charged me £2.30 per litre (forecourt price is £1.38) for 60 litres (a full tank) of petrol plus £150 for damage and an admin fee of over £30.

    Has anyone else had a similar experience with Europcar?

    I will update this post if it is a mistake and/or when I beat them in court! Disgraceful and outrageous.

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  • Ch
      Jan 02, 2013

    Im in the uk and just had a similar experience with them. They charged me 375gbp for a cracked windshield. the damage was already on the car but I didn’t notice it until driving away, I took a photo immediately though to be able to prove that I didn’t cause it. They didn’t even notice the damage when I returned the car the next day, I was the one that told them to ensure that I would not be charged and I was told it should be fine because it must be in the system. The very next day 25 December Christmas morning to be exact they email be a bill of 375gbp. 250 was from the deposit that I authorised and the rest they made another charge on my card without my authorization.
    Anyhow since apparently this is a common practice with them I am contacting as many people in similar situation that are willing to take them to court and raise a class action lawsuit against them. If you are interested email me at [protected]

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