ETSYseller's complaint

I am a seller in Etsy for 4 years, everything works fine until last year. My account was suspended, the reason is I have to submit bank account information and my Passport ID for identification. After that, I reopened my shop in beginning of Year 2018. However, it run for a month and the same thing happened again!
The most terrible thing is, I am being charged for the beginning of the year's Jan-Now but my shop only worked for 1 month!!! The amount is huge. I have no ways out, due to I cannot wait their slow complaint response, I 've chose to clear the 'BALANCE" (which is not supposed to pay) and shut down my account immediately, becox this is the conditions of shut down my account!!! this is So rediclious ! I have no choice, just to stop any extra amount adding up in my suspending account!!!

Be careful seller in Etsy, and I would like to know if anybody facing the same tragic, .

May 01, 2018

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