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ETourandTravel / Never send them any money!

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This is a complaint about the services offered by E Tour & Travel, a vacation ownership broker & telemarketer. E Tour & Travel (aka, based in Orlando, FL is an aggressive telemarketing vacation planning organization with the intent to sell timeshares. They call and offer a vacation package that is almost too good to be true, but just pricey enough to seem legitimate.

The phone call starts with an offer to visit Orlando, Daytona Beach, and New Smyrna Beach (or other destination) for the low cost of $398. The $398 includes hotel accommodations, rental car for a week, and a voucher for two to the consumer's choice of pre-selected local attractions.

The telemarketer insists that there is no timeshare meeting required, and that you have 15 days from the receipt of the package to look it over and cancel for a full refund. If you call to cancel, you are again wooed by the telemarketer who insists that they know about your financial situation and to smooth things over will bill you once for $98 and 4 equal installments of $75 thereafter.

It is important to note the following: According to the documents you receive in the mail, you indeed ARE required to attend the timeshare seminars with your spouse AT ALL LOCATIONS in order to receive your vouchers that pay for the hotel accommodations and attractions. You are also required to cancel within 15 calendar days (inclusive of weekends and holidays) from the day your purchase is made in order to receive a full refund. Finally, you are only allowed 7 days in a rental car, though the accommodations can include up to 9 nights and 10 days.

If you miss the 15-day deadline, customer service is non existent and extraordinarily rude. These are people who you DO NOT want to have access to any of your money. Finally, a call to the corporate offices and attempting to speak with VP/COO Lance Croft (Contact name listed by the BBB) and threatening BBB action as well as contacting their attraction partners yielded satisfactory results. It is important that you maintain the names, employee numbers and times and dates of all correspondence by phone, as management will make excuses that the telemarketers and customer service personnel are not E Tour employees, but rather 'affiliates'. This is a statement that is contradicted by the people actually making the calls who claim to be employees of E Tours.

Please avoid getting to this point by NEVER sending them any money to begin with and promptly asking to be removed from their mailing and/or calling lists.

Jim Albuquerque, NM.

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  • De
      7th of Nov, 2006
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    I as everyone else on these complaints have had tha same problems and I was very pleased to see i was not alone I also am trying to get my money back I am trying to work as a vacation and see my first newly born grandson so I know you can understand my dissapointment.

  • Li
      3rd of Jan, 2007
    0 Votes

    I just had a phone call about that trip to Florida and other places.They told me it would only be $298.00 because i don't drive at all. I just took the info down anyways and i just checked out the website and I came across this site.I can't believe people would go this low to get people to send them money for a vacation.I know i am not the only one they tried to get to pay them money for this trip.Yes it is to good to be true.

  • Co
      2nd of Feb, 2007
    0 Votes

    This experience has really Opened My Eyes... I have scam artist call in to my place of employment and I catch on to them...I can't believe I am now a Victim. The representative for etourandtravel is really good. I never once thought that this was a scam...the Brouchers, the CD, the Voucher all looked real to me...I'm just wondering with all the negative comments directed towards this Company why some type of officials haven't prevented them from continuing to Rip Off Honest People like myself and you...if anyone should here of a civil suit against them, Kindly e-mail me.. I just today 2/2/07 found out this was a scam and I have not even began to start my Mission of Revenge...I will update this site on my progress...Bye for now!

  • Eb
      24th of Mar, 2007
    0 Votes

    THANK YOU!!! For posting this website. It was this website that saved me from making a big mistake and becoming their next victim. Keep the information going. I was just contacted today 3/24/07, and was told all of the same things. They made it seem as if I had won something and only 500 people could win. Thank God for your willingness to inform the people. To all... BE CAREFUL. Don't let these people get away with what they've done. I hope you are all successful with recovering your money and able to finally take that vacation you were hoping for. God Bless.

  • Ka
      12th of Jun, 2007
    0 Votes

    Thank you for this web sight. I am a victim of etour and travel. Now what do I do to get my money back?

  • Je
      29th of Jun, 2007
    0 Votes

    E tour and never returned my e-mail for a Daytona or Smyrna Beach vacation as promised in the promotion. I tried 3 times and no luck!

    I will proceed to get my lawyer on them!

  • St
      16th of Jul, 2007
    0 Votes

    They have been calling me for a week they finally got a hold of me today.

    Today, they were SO insistent on my giving them Credit Card information even after i repeatedly said, i will not give my credit card # out over the phone. So the nice rep, got the 'closer' on the phone. I just kept saying i won't give it out on the phone. So finally a stuck my ex boyfriend on the phone and said they won't listen.

    So he let them have it and hung up. I think i almost would have fallen for it, but i typed it into my web browser instead of going directly to their site, and saw all the complaints. thank you.

  • Be
      22nd of Jul, 2007
    +1 Votes

    I also, have been lied to by these people. We need to get a class action lawsuit together and get our money back. They will tell us any thing to sell the package. I called back later to book the trip and they couldn't remember anything they had previously told me. I was taking notes of everything the rep said, but they didn't know anything about it. How quickly we forget! Who's in on the lawsuit?

  • Sh
      1st of Aug, 2007
    +1 Votes

    I just received a call from this E-Tour and Travel company and I am so glad the rep. I was speaking with asked me to go online as I was talking to her and as soon as I put the website in a list of websites came up with all the different people that have been scammed so I told the rep. that this website came up and you could tell the change in her voice she had been busted I thank GOD for this website coming up because I was really interested in the trip this scam artist should be shut down I am really happy I didn't send any money!

  • Eu
      4th of Aug, 2007
    0 Votes

    I received a call from ETour and Travel June 12, 2006 they charged my account $498.00. Later they call for me to set up a vacation/ They told me it was not going to be but one room and no kitchen. I told them I have a girl 13 a boy 12 a girl 10 and a boy 10 and myself and husband. I upgraded the room to a two bedroom with kitch;en. The reservation was for Aug 6 to Aug 12, 2007.
    Now on Aug 3 they called to confirm reservation and they said I only had a one room with two beds not a two bedroom and I would have a kitchen. I could not use the rental only if I used it to go to Orlando for the 7 days how can 6 people and luggage fit in a 4 passenger car. IMPOSSIBLE (I have a cargo and stow A WAY Dodge Van and IT IS NOT BIG ENOUGH TO TRAVEL 250 MILES/ The company (customer service) representatives are a big laugh they say their is nothing wrong for husband and wife to sleep in beds with teenagers and other children IN THE SAME ROOM HA HA LET CHILDREN AND FAMILIES HRS HEAR ABOUT THIS SOME ONE WILL BE IN TROUBLE CHILD ABUSE RAPE!!!
    Now they are saying I don't even have a reservation.

    Miami Gardens, Fl 8/4/2007

    Any body wants to get in touch with me regarding this would like to know what the hell I can do $498.00 + $78.00 upgrade Rip OFF!

  • Su
      18th of Aug, 2007
    0 Votes

    I received a phone call today 8/18/2007 with similar offers that sounded too good to be true from as well. I was told that someone in my family entered into a contest and had won the vacation package amount 2000 participants. They were able to provide name, phone number, email address and age.

    I tried to tell them that I'm not interested and they just won't take a no for an answer. Thanks for confirming its a scam.

    New York, NY 8/18/2007.

  • Fa
      20th of Aug, 2007
    0 Votes

    Hi, I want to add my experience with etourandtravel. I received a call today morning, Aug 20th, with the same package offer as above. I usually don't get caught to scammers but these guys were really good. Really really good. After spending about half an hour trying to convince me to take up the offer, I still was not comfortable and luckily called a friend who advised me to google them. Thank GOD I found this site and others that shared experiences. I promptly then told the etours rep (who was on hold while I was doing this, this itself is fishy in hindsight) that I was not interested. She then became rather rude and snappy, I calmly said I was still not interested. Then she cut the line. Thats when I knew for a fact that this was all bogus. Surely some legal action must be taken against these people!!! Mind you I live in Canada, so Canadians, beware... we are not safe either.

  • Co
      29th of Aug, 2007
    0 Votes

    I also fell for this. They offered a vacation in Orlando and Daytona. I knew we would have to go on a 90 minute tour somewhere. We figured it was to sell something. I did not know until I got the package in the mail that I have to take a 90 minute tour in each place. Not once was this ever mentioned. I called them today at etour and all she said was that they did tell me we had to take each tour at each place. She told me to file a complaint with complaints@etourand travel. I told her I was calling the BBB and she kind of laugh you could hear it in her voice. We plan on taking the grandkids next year. I think I will have to eat the lost though. I just want others to know. Thanks, Conney.

  • Be
      29th of Oct, 2007
    0 Votes

    Today, 10/29/07 I received a call from a gentleman named Scott Martin who stated he has worked for Universal Studios for 18 years and was calling to tell me that I won a vacation in Orlando which was to do with AOL customers. He was polite funny and I almost fell for it, but decided to wait until tomorrow and check them out. Well, I said I had to hang up as someone was at my door and he said he would call back. Well he did, at least 5 times while I was out. He left a message that he would call back in the morning. He tried to convince me that I was one of the lucky 500 who won. Thank God for this site. It always pays to check something out especially when it sounds too good to be true. THANKS FOR THIS SITE.

  • Je
      10th of Nov, 2007
    0 Votes

    Hello. While surfing the net, I stumbled on the etourandtravel offer of two complementary vouchers to Universal Studios. As my gilrfriend and me are planning a trip to Disney very shortly, I said "what the heck" and clicked, not really expecting FREE tickets, but wanting to see what the deal was. Today (11.10.2007), we received our call from their consumer relations. A very friendly woman named Vanessa detailed the oh so luxurious package we coul have in addition to the voucher. I do recall however that she did mention we would have to tour their facilities upon arrival... I kept listening on and on about this incredible offer, getting more weary by the second... and finally came exactly what I expected..."If I could just have your credit card num..." I cut her off right there, firmly expressing that I never, ever give credit card information over the phone. I know how these scammers (sorry, made up that word :) operate, they will pressure and cajole and even sometimes get really mad if you don't follow. Its simply that their main mandate is TO NEVER EVER LET YOU HANG UP WITHOUT ADHERING TO WHAT THEY ARE PEDDLING... this is very important, do not let them control the situation! As I said, I very firmly refused the offer, didn't even let her speak, excused myself, said good day and hung up. Please... this is very important (sorry about the caps, but it is crucial) EVEN IF YOU GET AN OFFER THAT SEEMS INCREDIBLE AND OH SO TEMPTING... NEVER, EVER, EVER, EVER, EVER (etc.) GIVE AWAY CREDIT CARD INFORMATION OVER THE PHONE, NOT MATTER WHAT "GUARANTEES" ANYONE OFFERS YOU!!!

    I wholeheartedly agree something has to be done to put a stop to this. Any lawyers reading this willing to give any legal advice on ways to proceed? I know they are supposedly a registered company. But this type of scam can't be permitted to continue! Thank you! Stay away from etourandtravel (and any other organization requiring your personal credit information over the phone)... Thanks!

  • Mi
      27th of Nov, 2007
    0 Votes

    I just got a call from these VULTURES offering me the same great things that everyone has mentioned above. I am only 22 so I got a little suspicious and even told the so called nice lady (Jennifer was the bi**h) that I am young so I didn't want to be caught like a dummy. She reassured me that in no way was this a scam (that she is only a few years older than me... but yet she has been in that company for 10 yrs and sounded like she was 40 something) to even look at the web site all the way on the bottom of how they are legit and blah blah. I should have just hung up there because I think if she was trying that hard to convince me something definitely isn't right. I stayed on the phone a little bit longer not really listening to her but yet doing a search online for this so called legit company when I came across this web site. When I read the complaints and how this is almost like a timeshare I immediately stopped her and was like I am reading complaints now and its not good. To which she replies well every company is going to have complaints even Walmart and look how long they have been around. I then asked if this was a time share to which again she reassured me this has nothing to do with timeshares they are not looking for me to buy anything but if I was interested in timeshares she knew who I could talk to. Umm WHAT??? I then told her I need to talk things over with someone in which she replied I could stay on hold because once your out of the system this deal is no longer good to you. I left her on hold for about 5 minutes and then hung up. She immediately called me back, which I ignored, and left me a nice voice mail saying, Thanks for hanging up you could have just told me you weren't interested, that was rude. I guess you are young to realize the savings that we are offering you but that is ok stay in Miami and enjoy that. I mean is she serious. What kind of "Legit" company calls you back and leaves you a voicemail like that. Anyways, they didn't get a sucker out of me so that probably pissed her off cause it could have been her commission or something. So to everyone out there STAY AWAY!! And to the "nice lady Jennifer" Guess even for a young'en I'm still to smart for you.

  • Ch
      1st of Dec, 2007
    0 Votes

    Well i have reiceved over 3 calls and the first two calls i had to get really nastey with them. The first call was with a lady , in which i am guessing that she was new at the job had not to much info about the package. But when she had transfered the call to her superviser as if i was going to take the package, she was very rude about this, after i started asking alot of questions. She would not lison but kept on insisting on the credit card info, so i told her i was not intrested.The second call came in and again a different lady who sounded like she knew her stuff she had made the mistake of guessing a company of which she thought i was a card hold of. I laughed at her and said let me guess you want my card # after you pass me to your supervisour.She did pass me over after telling her that my card was fulland not intrested. I let her tranfer my call,then the fun began, after the congrats on the trip and not even agreeing to it, i had asked for companys number so that i can call them back, but in order for the number i needed to give my card number, so i stated that i had no room on the card and the response was it ok the would find a way. so of course i had to argue and also i asked to tranfered to a superviser, and they refused.
    I used to work at a call center, and i loved my job, so the signs were clear to me that there was something wrong with the phone call. When i was not able to talk to a superviser, and the price of the trip, and the would not pass out any contact info of the company. It was manditory to pass out all contact info of the comany, numbers, and also pass the phone calls over to a superviser if requested.Also we where never to be rude to our clients. i know its a very tempting offer , as i was brought up on the saying if it sounds to good to be true then look into. and p.s they still have the nerve to call me

  • Re
      6th of Dec, 2007
    0 Votes

    I want to cancel the universal tickets I purchased. My children are wanting to go to Disney and we purchased tickets. Others were traveling with us and are not now. I have no need for these :
    Account #1203268
    I would like these tickets reimbursed to my Mastercard.
    thank you Rene Saulnier.

    I have not been pleased with e tour and travel in that I wanted to take my presentation at a different time. Rene Saulnier.

  • Th
      7th of Dec, 2007
    0 Votes


    My wife and I did buy the package for 3 days in Daytona and 2 days in Orlando. We were suppose to pick up the vouchers at the welcome center.... BUT, come to find out - they switch the hotel the day before. I was now staying at their "wonderful" timeshare units. NO advance notice. The welcome center said they have not affliatation with eTour and eTravel. They hire them out to get people into the timeshare.

    When I called the main office, they gave me the run around. I sat in the main lobby for an hour on my cell phone. While I was waiting, we over heard conversations from people who were staying there. Here is a sample... One lady's stove only half worked. They said there was nothing they could do but call maintenace but that could take a day or two to fix. Another person bed was broken.

    While I was on the phone, I was yelling at the lady that the place they put me up is less than a 2 star hotel! And, the girl behind the welcome center desk said, "That is because we are a timeshare, not a hotel. We are different."

    Let me tell you - this time share in New Symbria beach area was a dump! While we where in the main lobby... housekeeping was going by with loads of laundry thru the main sitting area. And, there was always maintenace running around with walkie talkies. AND, this is suppose to be one of their best.

    I am now thinking that any good articles or comments on the internet is from their own employees. There is no way it could be coming from real customers.

    We just got back from Floria yesterday and I am calling their main line every day to complain. I am going to even make up names and act like I want to purchase something... then, I am going to say NO stating why. I am going to waste their time in the twice the value that I spent. Ask me how can I do this??? Because, I have free long distance calling unlimited. I will put it on speaker phone or headset... while I am doing other things around the house.

    TRUST ME and all the others they are big time scammers. The funny thing was that the workers acted like this was a common occurence that they switch the hotel reservations at the last minute. They told me that they can do it up to 12 hours beforehand. AND, they don't have to tell you until you show up for the vouchers!!!!!

    Tom Provoast
    Saginaw, Michigan

    For any questions, contact me at
    I will share as much as I can.

  • Mo
      12th of Dec, 2007
    0 Votes

    I received a phone call from these people on December 11th 2007 and very nearly fell for this scam.

    The man who called me was so friendly and had a great personality, making it very hard to say no. Fortunately for me, when I did say that I couldn't say yes at the time he was calling because I consult with my husband about any purchases that are more expensive than just everyday expenses, he really put on the high pressure sales pitch. I say fortunately because in my opinion, when someone pressures you to make a quick decision like that, they have something to hide that they don't want you to think about.

    He pressed and pressed, not willing to give me a contact phone number to get back to him after I spoke with my husband. I repeatedly asked for a contact phone number or for them to mail the information directly to me so that I could show it to my husband. After approximately 30 minutes of me saying that I couldn't purchase the vacation at this time, he asked me to hold so he could see what he could do. I assumed that he was checking to see if he could give me the contact information, but what he did instead was put a "supervisor" on the phone.

    The "Supervisor" was very abrupt with me which furthered my apprehensive feelings and after listening to him talk AT me for 5 minutes, I simply hung up.

    I received an email from them today attempting to make contact again and I decided to try to look up any additional information about them. I was glad to find this site and glad that I decided not to purchase anything from them.

    Thank you all for posting the helpful information here!

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