ETMCemergency room

J Nov 29, 2017

I came in to your empty emergency room tonight with an emergency, we think my girl friend is having either a minor heart attack or seizures and she is in pain on a scale of 10 she is an 8, dizzy, nauseas, can't stand. Triage took her in and kicked her back out into an empty lobby for an hour. I had to call your patient advocate to get anything done and they come out in 5 minutes and take her back. THIS IS UNACCEPTABLE AND NEEDS TO BE LOOKED AT. WE WERE TOLD ROOMS NEEDED TO BE CLEARED AN HOUR AGO AS SHE IS CRYING FOR AN HOUR HAVING TROUBLE BREATHING AND SITTING UP RIGHT. THIS IS NOT RIGHT AND WE FEEL LIKE Y'ALL TAKE US A JOKE. I WILL RECORD NEXT TIME SHE COMES IN WOTH CHEST PAINS AND HOW SLOW YOUR LOBBY IS AND POST IT FOR THE WORLD TO SEE THIS IS NOT THE NUMBER ONE HOSPITAL IN EAST TEXAS. GET IT TOGETHER.


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