Etisalat / poor customer support and disjointed teams

Abu dhabi, United Arab Emirates
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Etisalat decided to disconnect my service because of a system glitch on their part. From that point on we have been getting bounced around from one incompetent customer services person to the next.

We called numerous times and spoke to numerous reps and supervisors but they are unable to do anything. They have this mysterious backend team that they can never get a hold of cause they are super busy doing a whole lot of good in improving etisalats image and gaining customer loyalty... NOT

The backend team still haven't called us to resolve or even update, despite multiple promises by numerous supervisor. Maybe they are trying to help and they acknowledge that it's a mistake from etisalat side. But he clearly has no control over the broken process and incompetence of the customer services team

We are unhappy with this poor quality where every time we call we have to explain the problem all over again

This is a clear indication that you don't take notes and are simply not taking customers seriously. Moreover it shows there is no communication between the customer service team and the backend team

Aug 19, 2018

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