Etisalatfake billing after 4 years

S Nov 17, 2017

I was living in Sharjah in 2013 and had an Etisalat account there with Elife connection included. In october I received an offer from a company in Al Ain and accepted it. Before moving to Al Ain I went to the Al Nahda (SHARJAH) Etisalat office and made the payments due in my account and requested for a transfer of account to Al Ain. In Al Ain my services were transferred and everything resumed as normal.

Four years later in late 2017 I received a mail from Etisalat saying that there is a payment due on my account from 2013. The point I want to make is that they have not contacted me at all for 4 years and all of a sudden there is a bill pending?? If it was so the why was i not contacted then?? Why was my services allowed to continue for 4 years?? Why was my service transferred to Al Ain without taking the full amount in payment??

They send me a mail now threatening to cancel my current service and also taking legal action for an account that was settled 4 years ago?? What is happening here??

There was a similar issue in 2016 where they charged me extra on my Elife account. I called them 7 times and explained the situation but they refused to accept the fact that they had charged me extra. But after speaking to someone with a little bit of sense for once, he accepted the technical error in the calculations and apologized. They also refunded the amount next month. These are the same guys that are claiming that their system is correct and there is a payment due from 4 years ago.

This is shameless from a national provider of telephonic services and I must say that the call centre guys from the resolution department are completely stubborn and only refers to their system. What system are they talking about?? they very one that lets them sleep for 4 years and then all of a sudden surprise a customer on to making a payment and harassing them with call and threatening mails.

It is a small amount that they are saying is outstanding butI will not pay them since I know how they operate and the way they do their billing. Its not about money anymore it's about ETHICS!!

Shame on them!!

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