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An Etisalat Agent called me oneday to offer me an upgrade from my current double play to triple play service. He told me a lot of good things including that WITHIN 2 DAYS a technician will call me for the installation. I agreed rightaway. So I waited for 2 days until more than 2 weeks. I recieved no calls from them at all. I decided to cancel the transaction because they failed to do their promise. After 2 months they charge me 100 AED for the cancellation of transaction which is infact their fault. I never skip a payment, for I am a diligent payer. But then this is what they have given me... As a consumer, what should I do? They already given me a fine. Is there any protection for the consumers in this kind of situation?

Jan 27, 2013
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  • Ai
      Sep 25, 2013

    hi sir, my internet 256 kb, pkg what not complat pkg

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  • Pr
      Sep 09, 2018

    dear sir i am an elife internet user,
    i want to cancel my account because my agreement 24 months already finish, because now i am not at current location, and please i want to know cancellation charge need to pay or not, if how much need to pay .

    prasad magar

    acc. no. 06-7490791

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  • Da
      Jan 01, 2019

    Hey, i just got my Elife internet (Package 299 dhs/month) on the 30th Dec. The installation and registration was completed on 30th Dec. and i started using it, suddenly on the 1st of January i received a text message saying i have to pay 229 dhs for the month of December (Rentals: 21.23 dhs, Onetime charge: 199 dhs, Benefits: -1.94 dhs, added Tax: 10.91dhs). and i used only two days in December (30th and 31st). Mean while before i got the wifi setup i asked the technician serials of questions; questions like I'm i paying immediately, when do i pay, how do i pay, how fast is it, how many people can connect to it at once. And the some called technician told me that i don't have to pay immediately, that i will pay after the first month (which is 299 dhs/month) and after the first month, the second and third months are free so i agreed and we start the registration. I'm surprised when i saw this message saying i have to pay on 15th January for the month of December, so Please i need solution for this...
    ACCOUNT NUMBER: 042963839
    NAME: Daniel Tochukwu
    MOBILE NUMBER: +971556533534

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  • Mo
      Jan 30, 2019

    Hi, Am writing you about Etisalat, which they upgrade their system and they charged me more without to ask me, and my contract with them is 499 AED monthly that mean I have to pay more now 500
    I complained about this issue but nothing happened, and now I have one year with them and I want to cancel my contract with them as am fed-up, I placed a request through their branch in festival city and today I got a call from their customer care center and they informed me that if I want to cancel the contract I have to pay them the full amount of 2 years of contract which is: 2000 AED

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  • Mo
      Jan 30, 2019

    @Mohamed Httb I mean I have to pay now more then 500 AED Monthly

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  • Sa
      May 03, 2019

    @Mohamed Httb Same thing had happened to me, I got subscribed to a service which I did not subscribe to and raised a complaint which I got “ on hold” for more than an hour on the phone and I requested any proof that I am the one who ordered this extra service amounting to 250 dirhams per month while I am subscribed only to the normal package which is for 360 dirhams monthly excluding the taxes. Eventually I did not receive the proof nor I knew who was responsible for this intentional mistake. So I received a bill amounting to 480 dirhams the first month and a second bill when I cancelled the extra service which I did not request for amounting to a total of 723 dirhams which I paid for because there was no other choice thanks to their great customer service, I have not experienced such an incident in any country except here. At last I wanted to cancel the whole E life connection and the Customer service agent told me I need to pay 2, 000 dirhams for the cancellation which no one had informed me about from the start! Had no other choice but to continue with them.

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  • Mb
      Feb 12, 2019

    Hy this is muhammad bilal from ajman
    Dear.. actualy i have e life conection and i have contrect of one year but alredy 8 month finished... now am leaving this country so i want to cancle my contract ...
    So there will be any charges or no its 25mb and 399 aed pakage

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  • Al
      Mar 25, 2019

    I recently got elife connection for me, its just been 2 months, my contract is for 1 year, what are the total charges that i need to pay if i want it to be disconnected.

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