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Booking ref: 2SE2DC
Airline booking ref: EY/ZBNEQH

I filed my initial complaints on this page on 27 February, which has not been addressed in this complaints board as of today (14 March), but I also acknowledge the receipt of an email from Guest Relations saying they have shared my comments with Cabin Crew Performance managers.

I took my flight back from Tokyo - Abu Dhabi - Brussels on 11 & 12 Mar. The total duration of the travel was more than 24 hours.

On my flight from Abu Dhabi to Brussels, the cabin crew again told me 2 of the 4 main dishes had been sold out and I had to choose either beef or dumpling dish. I basically had nothing to choose because I don't like beef or dumpling. The cabin crew told me that I should have asked for seafood meal in advance before checking in so that I don't have a problem with my food, but even another passenger next to me laughed at this comment saying we were flying on business class and such situation (of not having much choices on our main course) should not happen.

Maybe you should inform all your passenger who fly between Abu Dhabi and Brussels that if they are seated Row 8 or before, they don't have much choice on their main course and they should file a request in advance to make sure they won't be disappointed.

With this experience, I see clearly that Guest Relations did nothing about my complaints (i.e. did not tell anything to Cabin Crew Performance managers) and I had to bear with the same problem of not having free choice over my main course.

In summary:
on 25 Feb:
- Only 2 dishes out of 4 dishes were available for me to choose
- Cabin crew did not serve appetiser nor dessert nor tea/coffee
- Cabin crew did not give me Fast Track pass although he gave it to all the other Business Class passengers

on 28 Feb:
- The chauffeur service on 28 Feb was not arranged until 10 hours before the flight
- When I called 24 hours in advance, Customer service could not provide any concrete answer
- He also did not agree to call me back at my hotel and I spent AED45 for the phone call which did not provide me any answer
- He said he would "email" the Chauffeur service to call me back at the hotel to confirm the pick-up time, I only received an email 10 hours before the flight
- I had to go to Abu Dhabi from Dubai, so I hope you can appreciate how stressed I was for not hearing from Etihad until 10 hours before the flight

on 12 Mar:
- Only 2 dishes out of 4 dishes were available for me to choose - again!!!
- Email I received from Guest Relations Officer on 7 Mar said they had shared my comments with Cabin Crew Performance managers (which I doubt as the same problem occurred)

Guest Relations Officer offered 5000 miles for the incident on 25 Feb. 5000 miles worth less than 40 USD and I do not see it is even near to compensate for all the inconveniences I had on the flight on 25 Feb - or maybe this is how Etihad actually treat their business class customers.

Dear Guest Relations team - I prefer you to write me here now to explain to me and to the public how you will compensate a business class customer for:
1) not offering the full menu
2) not serving appetiser / dessert / tea / coffee at all unless specially asked
3) not giving Fast Track ticket
4) not arranging the chauffeur service properly and stressing me out
5) not communicating my complaints to avoid the same problems - although it was requested in the email and in this compliant board repeatedly
6) asking business class customer to file a request in advance to secure something they can eat is available
7) not addressing my complaints on this complaints board for more than 2 weeks although you have addressed other complaints filed after mine

Clearly Abu Dhabi - Brussels flights (both ways) were the worst business class experiences I had ever had and I am totally shocked. I even feel betrayed for choosing Etihad for my business trip. I spent over 3000 USD for the entire trip with Etihad and what you suggested to give as a compensation is less than 40 USD. Totally shocking. I request for your prompt reply and real action on this matter.

Mar 14, 2017
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