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Esurance / Fraud and cheating company!

1 SD 57117-5250Sioux Falls, SD, United States Review updated:
Contact information:
Phone: 800-378-7262

I engaged an agent from this company and found that my premium was less than half what progressive and many other insurance companies quoted me at. This raised a red flag. (I mean, wow, out of the blue a lone insurance company is half my quoted premium from scores of other agencies). I then started asking the agent very direct questions trying to catch him off guard or catch him lying. The more and more I pried into the nitty gritty workings of their company the more red flags were being raised. I then found this site on the internet and it confirmed my suspicious.

This is a very shady company people, don't be lured by their cheaper rates, they obviously have an unethical business model that is set up to glean extra revenue from the customer with various nickel and dime charges hidden in fine print.
Sooo, I decided to call up again with a total bogus name and info and pretend I was going to buy policy. I asked the same direct questions and even presented various scenario's to the agent (various scenarios wherein I would file a claim, and their resulting process) Both agent's conflicted greatly in what they said. This was the nail in the coffin for me. This is a very very shady company.

I plan on contacting everyone here that was 'robbed' by this company and I plan on contacting the Better Business Bureau.

Not to mention they claim to be based in California, yet the only address I found was a PO Box in South Dakota. Yes, a PO Box. What kind of reputable company does business from a PO Box. The only companies I can think of are collection agencies and other low-rent type of businesses.

Something else very questionable was their response to my inquiries regarding the need and use of my social security number. (Because outside of home loans, auto loans and medical insurance, I don't give me social to anyone for any reason what so ever.) When I asked both agents why my social security number was needed they fumbled around with responses and contradicted each other. (Finally after I said 'well thanks for your time but I do not render my social to just any random business - I will have to pass on this policy', only then did they say they could give me a policy without it) Shady! Shady! Shady! In the end they claimed it was to ensure 'my policy is as accurate as possible'. Absolute rubbage. It is obviously used for collection purposes when the customer ultimately cancels their policy and then gets reamed with cancellation penalties hidden in fine print. Who ever heard of a cancellation penalty from an insurance company...

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  • No
      10th of Jan, 2008
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    I cant believe this when I read this.. your complaining about how they charge for insurance. .anyways, I was just upset that you send the cancel fee was hidden.. no its not, its right on line when you first start. When you FIRST log into your online account, you have to read and accept your terms and acceptance.. did you not read yours before you accepted them?? because in that document it clearly states IF YOU CANCEL MIDTERM THERE WILL BE A CANCEL FEE of either $50 or 10% of the left over premium (depending on your state) ridiculous...

  • Si
      7th of Mar, 2008
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    Their customer service center is in South Dakota (because it's in a central time zone) which helps them remain open for 24 hours a day. That's why you send mail there, because it's for customer service. The main office is in San Francisco, but they don't handle customer issues. Most large companies have a PO box, too, instead of a physical one... just imagine how much mail there would be coming directly to the headquarters if that's where you want it to go. Ridiculous.

    As far as the cancellation fee, it's stated right at the beginning.

  • Cr
      28th of May, 2010
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    I have had nothing but PROBLEMS with Esurance. We had coverage with them for a 6 month policy. Towards the end I looked around and compared prices, I could save over $40 a month with State Famr and have a real local agent. I called them to cancel my policy at the end of the 6 month term. My fiance told them we found a cheaper rate. The man on the phone told my fiance that he would try to match our new qoute, to give him a chance to do that, he would call us back on "Monday" with a new quote. Never heard from them on Monday. Gave the benefit of the doubt, waited 2 more days, end of term came, never heard anything, tried calling - you always get the run around when calling this company. No results. My account was charged for the new policy.
    This company tried to STEAL my money. I immediately got on the phone and told the customer service person that she needed to refund my money at once. I do not take kindly to having my money STOLEN. After threaterning a law suit with the state's attorney, I was told it would take TWO WEEKS to get a refund. What a crock. They stole my money in seconds.
    The cherry on top is they did not report to the MVA so we had to get proof of insurance to get out of $2, 000 in fines from the MVA. We spent 4 hours in the MVA and on the phone just to get Esurance to fax a FR19 form to the MVA. We tried to speak to a supervisor and continued to get the run around. RIDICULOUS.

  • Je
      26th of Jun, 2010
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    regardles of how you pay, Debit Card, Credit Card or Electronic Check... NO business has control on how fast banks post credit. If my company issues you a credit, it can take 2-30 days for YOUR BANK to post the credit to your account.

    It is OUT of my company's bank account, today, but some BANKS don't post credit until the new monthly statement prints.

    So, whether Esurance, or Sprint, or Comcast, or any other merchant can not promise a specific time frame. I know that it averages 2-5 days for credits to post to customer accounts, but it can be UPTO 30 days...

    Also, if your last payment was processed as an Electronic Check, we won't issue credit unless it has been at least 7-10 days since the "check" was processed. DC's and CC's get IMMEDIATE approval by the bank, where "echecks" are just like walking into the grocery store and pay with a check, you get to leave, but the store doesn't get the money for 1-5 days, AND the check could be returned. There is no immediate debit from your bank account's available balance with an Echeck, like with a DC or CC.

    Even with the immediate debit from your "available balance", it is NOT immediately given to the merchant. It is only PENDING... Even after it "settles" or "posts", the merchant may not have the money for another day or two, even though it is "out" of YOUR bank account.

    Don't blame the merchants for BANK issues. Don't blame the banks for customer issues that had to create safe guards to minimize fraud. Blame the criminals and thiefs, which not us, the merchants or the banks who can't readily identify those who force ALL the rest of us into stupid rules and regulations that protect US all from THEM!!!

  • Je
      26th of Jun, 2010
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    As far as "stealing" your money... NO... it was invoiced, it was due... Once you cancelled/nonrenewed, then you'd be entitled to a refund just like paying for an item at a department store, and deciding to return it. You'd get your money back according to the stores terms and conditions in the return policy.

    Write a check today for $100 product at a department store and return it tomorrow! You will likely get a check in the mail 2-3 weeks, after your check clears. Or, if you paid cash, you'd most likely get a cash refund at return. Or if you paid with a Visa, you'd get a credit to your Visa card.

    Why is this so hard to understand???

    As far as someone "not calling back"... You were expecting a callback... You remember to call EVERYONE back, and do EVERYTHING you have ever been supposed to do? Just forget??? Be out of the office unexceptedly sick, or something?

    SIMPLE!!! Call them back!!! Take responsibility for your own situation. STOP blaming everyone else! Grow up and be an adult! Ask questions, don't assume, read your documents BEFORE you agree to them! If you click "agree" with Esurance, your cellphone provider, or even my own company, and then don't want to be held accountable for that, you have the issues not the merchants!

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