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Esso / unethical behaviour

1 Maple, Ontario, Canada

Hi there, I went to get my car washed last week at one of your branches, and I realized that the car wash didnt dry my car at all. I paid for the "luxury car wash" and spent nearly $20.00 just to have this service done and my jeep came out the car wash drenched. So I had to stand outside and hand dry my jeep in the cold myself with a cloth because I had to leave for an appointment and didnt have time to go back through the car wash a second time. So I went inside to explain the matter to the manager who accused me of going home and coming back with my explaination, when the fact of the matter is I was in the parking lot at Esso drying my car off by hand. He then proceeded to saying, next time don't go home and then come back later saying your car wasn't dry. I explained to him that this was not true at all. And he refused to do anything about the situation at first. When I explained to him that I had no time to go through the car wash again, he said okay next time when you come you can go through the car wash again and i told him no, because they next time I come and you're not working the other staff are going to give me a hard time. So I asked for my money back instead and he refused. So he ended up giving me a code for another car wash because I told him I needed to have my car cleaned and washed and dried like I paid for and he gave me the code. The car wash that he gave me was only for a "basic car wash" when I have initially paid for a "luxury car wash" there is a huge difference in price here and I don't think thats fair that I paid a good enough to have my car washed well when the service was delivered poorly and then to only receive a basic car wash in replacement of this service. Then when I asked for my receipt back he refused to give me my receipt back, I had to ask him multiple times for my proof of payment and I feel like I was being treated extremely poorly for someone who was simply trying to explain the fact of the matter and then for things to escalate this way was extremely embarrassing. He was being very loud, snappy, and accused me multiple times of false things. I would like to speak with a manager to have this matter rectified and to receive the proper amount back for the service of the luxury car wash please and thank you. Unbelievable.

Oct 21, 2018

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