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Last week I went to esso, located at Clearbrook and Oak. I bought a family sized chocolate bar that was in a box by the cash register. After getting home and opening the package I saw the bar had gone bad, and was completely white on the back side. The next day I returned the bar. I was willing to try another one, but there weren't any left, so I received a refund.

Last night I went to this location again, and again bought a family size bar, different brand, located in the same spot. Again I got home and found this bar had gone bad too. I went back to the store about a half hour ago to exchange it, if there were more of this brand. I told the cashier I would exchange it, since there were two more left. I wasn't going to leave the store without opening it. I opened it, and it too was white, having gone bad. I tried the last one, and it too was bad.

The owner was there and got very mad at me for opening the bars. I told him I wasn't going to just leave without checking to make sure the chocolate hadn't gone bad. I asked him if he gets these bars from somewhere other than his grocery distributor. He declined to answer, and said the bars were fine and that they went white from being exposed to the sun, due to where they were located. That can't be true, since the sun doesn't hit that location, and the sun would not cause the entire box to go bad on the back side of the bar. Wherever he received these bars (likely greatly discounted), the bars came in a rancid state.

I've been going to this location for about 4yrs, and these two times are the only times I've purchased a family size bar, and today is the first time I've had problems with this location. It was clear that the owner would rather sell expired chocolate than to know his product has gone bad. He, and his cashier were both extremely rude to me, and I was told to go to another store.

I have no problem taking my business to somewhere else, like maybe Shell, which is just down the street. The issues I have is that an Esso owner, and staff member would act so indignant towards me, and be willing to sell product that has gone bad.

I will await a reply from Esso, and if not satisfied, I will make a formal report with the food safety agency in my city.

Thank you for your timely response to this matter.

Terri Loewen

Nov 28, 2016

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