Essence of Arganargan oil ‘free trial’

I ordered a ‘free trial' bottle of Argan oil from this company and paid shipping charges of $11AUD. Seems simple enough.
4 days after receiving the product my credit card is charged $134AUD by this company. When I ring and complain they say I ‘signed up for a monthly subscription' by ordering the free trial and this charge is actually for the free trial bottle.
I can apparently cancel my subscription (for a $10US fee), but this bottle is now charged for as apparently I have had a full 14 day trial during which I could cancel (I had the oil only 4 days). They start the 14 days from when you order your ‘free' bottle.
This company is an absolute scam. Nowhere upon ordering the ‘free' bottle is any of this clearly listed. There is no mention of any subscription, any further credit card charges, or the fact that this ‘free trial' is actually going to cost you $134 when you receive it. It is completely false advertising and fraud. It took me over 20 minutes to find these ‘clearly listed terms and conditions' on their website after clicking link after link.
Avoid this terrible company at all costs. It is nothing but a fraudulent scam to get your credit card details to make unauthorised charges. I've had to cancel my whole credit card and cannot get the fees back from my bank because it is a US ‘company'.
Bloody USA government needs to learn how to control such absolute rubbish false companies.

Dec 02, 2018

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