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Equifax / wrong information on credit report

1 PA, United States Review updated:

Equifax has mis-information on my credit report that I've disputed 3 times since 2005 and even sent them correct papers to verify my dispute.
As of 12-2010 they still claim that their information is correct and they verified it directly with the source.
This is fraud. If they did indeed contact the source, they would know the information is incorrect.
Secondly, I must go through a lot of embarrassing conversations explaining the error, which is nobodys business but mine.
And lastly, for the second time I am being denied credit without first proving the error is indeed incorrect.
I plan on filing a lawsuit at this time. I'm not going to have this information stay on my credit report for another 5 or 10 years because some agency that has taken the responsibility to hold peoples lives in their hands cannot do their job correctly.

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  • Al
      19th of Dec, 2010
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    "Equifax contacted each source directly and our investigation is now complete". This is their quote, their claim, not mine.
    They passed nothing along. If indeed they passed it along and it sat in someone's inbox, then Equifax is still negligent in continuing to report this wrong information. To continue reporting false information is fraud...Period!
    I have verified with the court house that indeed, nobody has contacted them AT ALL! Not this time and not the first time.
    It's not like this is a large major city that has hundreds of people flooding them to the point where they couldn't remember having to check a file.
    I verified in person and got certified copies of the documents from the court house. There is absolutely nothing remotely close to a tax lien. The only thing that matches is the case file number of a court payment for costs at 1/10th of what Equifax states. This very personal and sensitive information has no business what-so-ever on my credit report. It is not on any other report because it doesn't exist. It is derogatory, misleading and embarrassing having to explain the nature of the court fine and explaining I am not some tax dead-beat.
    It is frustrating to go through this process every time I apply for a loan and angers me to think that a company with such high responsibility can destroy a persons life with total disreguard.
    They have an obligation to report correctly and do whatever they must to ensure their information is correct if they are going to hold one of our greatest assets, our credit history, in their hands.
    What other impacts on my life has this error affected? Maybe my insurance could be lower, maybe I've been refused a job, maybe god only knows.
    The point is, when I first disputed this information back in 2005, I sent Equifax the information and they did change the statis from open file to closed, but continued to report it as a closed tax lien at an exorbatent penelty of $20, 000. So they did indeed recieve the documents I sent them. Tax liens can stay on a report fo 10 years or until the statue of limitations run out. Do think I am going to leave this on my report for another 5 years, at the minimum?
    Why they couldn't read the part about court cost instead of making up something is beyond me. How they got $20, 000. from $2000., well, someone obviously does not understand the U.S. monetary system and doesn't recognize a comma.
    Even when I got the supposed corrected credit report and I contacted then via telephone, they claimed they had an agent go to the court house to verify the information. Again, they lied and lying is fraud. And to iterate the first sentence of this reply, "Equifax contacted each source directly..."
    This isn't wheather they are reporting where they can be wrong, this is someone's acquired life information that must, without a doubt, be correct.
    I feel pretty certain that Equifax is now libel for damages. I am certain I can get a certified statement from the court house, which will hold quite a bit of weight in a court of law, stating that nobody has requested information from them to verify an error. This will prove Equifax's negligence. The fact they continue to report this is derogatory. And behind the scenes, what damages have been done to my life unaware to me? I will not allow someone to defame me, not now, not ever.
    I've fought in court to protect my rights before and will do it again. I slammed judges in the newspapers before for being on the take and paid the price and now I am fighting again to preserve my rights.
    I'm just not one to sit back and whine. I hope others that read this will talk to attorneys or legislatures to fight for what is right.

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