Equifax Credit Watch With 3 In 1 Monitoringunauthorized charges


I signed up for Equifax's Credit Watch Service with the understanding that I had 30 days of free trial service before being charged a monthly fee of $14.95. I did provide a credit card number at the time, which I expected would be charged a month later if I did not cancel the service (which was my intent). Instead, I was charged the day I signed up for the service. I realized this only after returning from a week's vacation and reconciling my bills, etc. When I called to have the charge reversed, I was told that this was impossible because the charge was applied more than 24 hours prior to my call. When the supervisor of the Customer Service rep I talked to forwarded my claim to the Billing Department, she warned me that Billing would make it very difficult for me to receive a refund. Sure enough, I received an email from "Customer Care" within a few hours denying my request, citing the fact that I should have immediately recognized the "$14.95" charge on my e-confirmation as a charge and called them right away. My misinterpretation of an email has become grounds for unlawful and unauthorized charges on my account. I will NEVER use their services again and plan on telling everyone I know to stay far away from this extremely customer-unfriendly company.

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