Epic Deal Shop / order #428809 - mini wifi camera wireless security with night vision - black × 1

Rochester, NY, United States
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First email from me

"Hello i have the complaints about the tiny wifi security camera I ordered from you.

Im having so hard hard hard time to read the directions book. The words and pictures are so horrible tiny!!! Do you have something bigger i can read. I wear the glasses and they are literally tiny to read!

Also i found G7 for it on my wifi setting but what is the password???? I used the password that u provided on the sticker back of the camera. The password (in number) is incorrect. I made my own password but still incorrect! Its very disappointing!

What can we do about this? Want to fix this solutions before I decide to ask for the full refund

Esther Damiano"

Replied from Ralph Ellison: "Hello Esther

We are sorry for that please email us a short video on the issue.

Thank you for contacting us!

Ralph Ellison

Epic Deal Shop
Support Team"

I replied on 7-22-18 with the very very clear pictures of my problem, not video.

No response until my second attempt on 7-28-18

Me "I have been trying to get ahold of anyone from your company for two weeks. I received the product as I ordered. The wifi connection doesn't work on my phone. I followed the direction on the manual book with horrible tiny words that I barely can read. I have perfect 20/20 visuals. So i looked up on youtube for the clearly direction and the connection for q7 does not work at all. I accessed the password as it showed on youtube as it was corrects. So the product i ordered wasn't what I expected at all. So i would like to get my full refund or i will put down the bad reviews about this product as i ordered from your company"

Then I received a email from "Ralph Ellison" and said "Hello Essy

Please email us a short video with the problem.

Thank you for contacting us!

Ralph Ellison

Epic Deal Shop
Support Team"

Two times and nothing improve. In the matter of fact I don't have any point to take a video of my problems. I put down very well details

Very disappointed!!!

Esther Damiano

Jul 29, 2018

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