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Hi, i bought a theme on themeforest and i am trying to get small support from the author and the only reply i have is: yes we will answer you by mail. I made many many reply withous answer and now i am in big trouble with this website. I need your help to make sure they respect their support engagement for this theme. My user name is sumo334 Uhe author is called Dasinfomedia and/or mojoomla. The template i buy is jautoclub and the small problems are ;

When making a searc alle the first image of cars shows a small (Video icon and word) i need to remove this option

When try to translate some extra fields like techmeter to display Kilometrage (in french) All the KM disapears on modules (latest, etc...) beside the small techmeter icon same things for other extrafields wich i need to translate and make sure they will appears on modules.

Envato / ThemeForest

Nov 26, 2018

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