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I sent money from Enjaz AlNakel Branch on 31/12/2012. Details of transaction are as follows
Transaction reference : FT12366352868847
User : E001132

I sent money for some very urgent work in Pakistan. My cousin had to pay this money at any cost till or before 3rd January 2013. During my visit to Enjaz office i stood in queue for about 27 minutes and when my turn came i gave a yellow colour slip to the person sitting there with the name of beneficiary, country and amount of money written on it. After looking at the slip he asked me where you have to send money, i told him Pakistan, then he asked, Western Union or bank, i told him in UBL, then he asked name of beneficiary, i told him TALHA ABDUL AZIZ. Then he typed details in computer and print 2 papers and asked me the name of beneficiary again is it Talha Abdul Aziz and i said yes it is Talha Abdul Aziz. Then gave me one paper and pointed towards the end of paper and asked just to sign here. I was about to read that paper before signing but he said just sign here faster everything is done, so i signed and he kept that paper with him and gave other paper to me and said ok leave the queue faster now and let the next come in. It was my second experience with Enjaz and in first time there was no problem i or beneficiary had to face thats why i was satisfied with even rude behaviour of Enjaz representatives. So i just sent the transaction reference to my cousin through sms and put that paper in my pocket in came home satisfactorily. Next day on 1st January my cousin called me and told me that he visited UBL but there was something like strike of banks in Pakistan or in Karachi thats why he couldnt receive money. I reassured him not to worry as he still have time as the deadline of my work was 3rd January. Then he visited UBL today on 2nd January but the bank guys refused to give him money and told him that transaction reference is fine but we dont have any money for this name TALHA and told him to call the sender to go to Enjaz again and asked them what is the problem. When my cousin called me i 1st thing i did i saw the paper given to me from Enjaz and i noticed at that moment that during typing the representative of Enjaz pressed K instead of L while writing TALHA so he had written TAKHA instead of TALHA. So i went to Enjaz office again today and i saw the same guy sitting there, i went to him and just trying to tell him the story he didnt even listen and said "go there". I went to the person he asked me to go and i was trying to tell him the whole story but he too didnt listen properly and said "there is mistake of name" i said yes. Then he asked me for my Iqama. Then he just put a cross on K on the paper and wrote L just above K and copied that paper with my Iqama on it and asked me to sign just under your Iqama and then he give me another paper and asked me to sign, it was something like amendment paper. I was trying to read to fill in but he said just sign here and your job is done. I signed there and he kept the paper with him and told me tell the person in Pakistan to go to bank after 3 days, he didnt even write the actual spelling of the name in full or properly anywhere. I told him that its urgent as tomorrow is the last day to pay this money but he didnt listen anything and said dont eat my mind go anywhere there is manager there, there is that person there, do whatever you want but let me do my work and just leave. Then i went to the person again who transferred my money and gave me that paper and told him that guy is saying that money will be received after 3 days from now onwards. He said no may be after 2 days you can receive money in Pakistan. Then i asked him why after 2 or 3 days i need this money now otherwise my cousin will be in great trouble and why we have to suffer all this. I asked him was it my mistake then he said why didnt you check at the same time then i told him you confirmed the name twice from me and when i was about to read that paper, you said just sign here and leave the queue. It was not my mistake if you are entering K instead of L even in the presence of slip with name written TALHA on it and even in Capital letters. I asked him if there is a chance of mistake there then why didnt you verify after typing or after printing and if you didnt have time then why didnt you ask me to verify or read that paper or even you didnt allow me to read and said just sign here and leave the queue. He didnt answer and he didnt have courage to apologise, he just said do whatever you can do and go anywhere but dont eat my mind. Now me and my cousin are in real trouble and there is no certainty when he will receive money. My question is who is responsible for all this and who will solve this problem and if it was not my mistake then why i am suffering and facing all this problem. Who is responsible ? I am new client of Enjaz and there is a list of suggestions in my story if somebody really want to understand.

I need your kind office to process my complaint with offer of quick solution and substitute of my sufferings.

Thanking in anticipation.

Yours truly,
Usman Yameen

Jan 02, 2013
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  • Ir
      Sep 10, 2015

    I given detail to the employ by writting ... but he mention sender and ricever name as same irfan ulla khan... now its became a huge problem i dont know how to refund that amount please help me

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  • Ha
      Apr 30, 2016

    Dear Bank,

    Please take a look at your Duba branch this indian employee (cashier) of yours always closes the doors 45 minutes before time.
    and even when he is sitting on his seat he is dead slow.
    check my records i have been a loyal customer to enjaz bank for your good service, but not any more.


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  • Ma
      Apr 11, 2017

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    Bank Albilad
    Bank Albilad Contacts & Information
    Posted: 21, /03/2017 by Arslan ahmad Hussain
    Not transfer the remittance
    Complaint Rating: 86 % with 7 votes
    Contact information:
    Bank Albilad Enjaz
    Arar, Saudi Arabia
    Respected sir
    I went to Enjaz(Bank Albilad) to transfer the remittance amount of 800 SAR on 21-03-2017 but after three days the amount is not transferred into my country Pakistan of UBL Pk . When i went to Enjaz the branch manager had not responded me well and behaves rudely . After a couple of tries he responded and ask the details again, i had given the details again in a form written and replies that i will be transferred in 20 days . then again after unsuccessful transaction i reached the Enjaz centre again then he said that your details are wrong but i said that i usually transfer the money by the same details through another banks. so i ask him to return the amount he said me to come after 2 days when again i visited after 2 days (i.e on 10-04-2017 he ask me to be in line as a fresher remitter and when my turn comes he has given me 800 SAR instead of 800SAR when i ask what the reason he said that i dont know the system gives this money. so i kindly request you

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  • Ak
      Jun 21, 2018


    I would like to know that the remittance which i have sent to my home country (INDIA) was on 7-6-2018 about 14 days ago till now my family didn't received yet the amount; wherever they've been to the agent he has said that the remittance confirmation not receive yet from saudi arabia itself... so please could you solve this issue as priority as i need this urgent...

    1) CIF no. ([protected])
    2) Transaction Ref. no. (FT18158768446025)
    3) User: (E002418)
    4) Branch Name/Code (Al-Malaz Branch 144)

    Thanks Regard,
    Akhtar Gafur.

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  • As
      Mar 05, 2019

    Behavior of enjaz bank employers is very bad. Nobody can di something for these people. All people in enjaz are illiterate.. Thy creates only problems for customer.

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