Enjaz Bank / very weak behaviour of the staffs

I would like to share my experience happend in riyadh (ksa) on 10.7.2014 night at mursalat branch (near haystack mall) their timing was 9pm to 12 am but when I was entering inside it was 11pm but 11.30 they closed the shatter and not allow them to come inside. Me was inside, but they refused to do transfer, one philipino send me to saudi he also refused and told me come to marrow it was 11.38. (check the camara) he is just not looking at me. I came back and go again today (friday.) same thing philipino told me he can't do and told me come again saturday. Really I am disappointed now I don't want go any enjaz bank to do western transfer. We are customer. Anther customer told me it is happening always here. Now I you make one investigation and see.. Yoonusali indian ([protected]

Jul 11, 2014

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