Enhanced Recovery Service / Took Money from my account

CA, United States

This company has made a duplicate withdrawal from my bank account and is now asking me to jump through hoops to have it returned. I received a letter in my (legally separated) husbands and my name. As I have very good credit I did not want this to end up on my credit report although it is his bill. I called this company and paid a settlement in full with a check card. In balancing my checkbook I have discovered the payment was taken twice. I have attempted to contact the company and politely asked they reverse one of the charges. The very polite customer service rep talked over me to state it is "company policy" that I must submit via fax, proof from my bank that the duplicate charge was made. I politely explained to her my experience with accounting and collections helps me to know it should not be this much trouble. Lets see how fast they call me back.


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