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I too, was scammed. These people use so many different names it was difficult to do any research before being scammed.

I was impressed by the warranty and labor. I also agreed to the terms. I ordered my engine.

About 2 weeks later it was delivered to my mechanic on an 18 wheeler with no way to unload it. I had to pay an additional $90.00 to have it delivered on a box truck with a lift.

My mechanic installed the engine and started it. The engine had rod knock. Loud rod knock. It only ran for less than 30 seconds before it was turned off.

My engine was crap! Trash. The company sent me a bad engine. The ad said I was getting a Grade A engine. I got a piece of junk

We called the company and Dale said it was the oil pan - - harmonic balancer - - installed wrong, blah, blah. Mechanic told him rod knock.

Dale also said the warranty doesn't kick in until 500 miles. Mechanic said he wouldn't have driven around the block with this engine. Even though the engine was bad - - Dale said they don't pay labor. Their ad said they did! Their ad said as soon as the engine was installed - - let them know and the warranty would kick in.

My mechanic also told Dale that I researched and the company had many, many complaints against them and Dale said he didn't know that.

Now, I'm stuck with mechanic's fees to install and remove a bad engine. Plus!!! I have to pay to ship back a bum engine and pay the 25% re-stock fee. AND find another engine have that installed and pay more mechanics fees. All the while these people will pass off another engine to the next guy.

These people are crooks!!! They purposely send out junk engines knowing they will have to be returned! DO NOT BUY FROM THEM!!! These people are con men!!!

Some people have returned the engine only to have it refused and the company keeps ALL their money!!

I contacted my bank. They said the legally -- I agreed to the contract. Which I did!!! But, I only agreed to a good engine. The bank told me to ship it back. Get a tracking number - - they have to subtract the 25% and I'll get back about $950.00. Far, far less than I paid.

I will file a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission, Attorney General, Better Business Bureau, the mayor of the city in which they operate, the FBI and anyone else I can find!!!

Do Not Buy From These Crooks!!! DO NOT!!!

Apr 28, 2013
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  •   Apr 29, 2013

    George Lawrence in a next call promised to try to send me some evidence, e.g. the passport scan of his director (which he stated he has not yet seen, this year) before the end of that week, which he never did. Instead I received a phone call from a person named Brett Fox. He stated that George Lawrence will continue to be my representative, but that he is now taking care of me for the Blackhawk mines transaction as he is working on this for now 3 years, already.

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  •   Apr 29, 2013

    Some people have returned the engine only to have it refused and the company keeps ALL their money!!

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