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Kangen Distributors
United States
Kangen Water Biz.. a Sham.. and a Scam

What a mistake to go in the Kangen Water biz. Those 5 Kangen distributors that signed me up are total fricken ###. I suppose I’m the duped ### idiot fool again. It’s my own damn fault, that’s what I get when I deal with unscrupulous selfish mobbing nazish user trickster shysters. I played along and got played. I am such a dumb-###.

If I was going to do it over.. I would just a get a VitaMixer, for better results.. to get alkaline/healthy. And, I would’ve bought a down-scaled Kangen model on eBay. And, as for the general public, I feel that most could get better results by just eating more alkaline healthy foods, getting more exercise, drinking more water, reducing meat consumption and, avoiding processed foods, and smoking, etc (mainly avoiding the bad consumables).

Initially, upon learning about the water, I was interested, since I had studied about it over the last 15 years. So I knew all about the health benefits of alkaline water. Eventually, after being pressed about considering Kangen water, I did lot of due diligence, a week full-time initially. The product was 100%, but the business and buying factors failed miserably.. it was shoddy and unprofessional. I considered buying one on eBay, in-all, I was not going to buy one, and stated so.

But no, instead 5 of these distributors conference called me.. or as I see it mobbed or ganged-up on me. I recorded the call, and it’s available (email me falconx2050 at gmail). I am embarrassed and ashamed that I was shammed so bad, as it turned-out. Naivety. They filled me with pipe dreams. A bunch of grandiose sensationalist ###. They sold me on that I was going to sell these right and left, that they were easy to sell, they go on and on and on, and play themselves as friends. They talk about how I get a business plan. How many business plan books have they read? They can’t even write an executive summary. I saw that they biz needed a lot of work to get up to par. Having been in many MLMs and a business expert, I determined that with my savvy and hardwork it was bound to pay-off, or at least breakeven.

The whole business aspect did turn-out to be totally shoddy and unprofessional, so I went to work making my business first class professional. I never did get anything resembling a business plan. So I worked and worked, and my business was first class, but the business was still unviable, what a disappointment and waste of time. So meanwhile, they keep selling you on how you will be such a smashing success, and you work hard putting endless hours into it, reading everything you can, watching scores of videos, attending conferences, listening to conference calls, prospecting and just making a fool of yourself.

From a business stand-point.. Why wouldn’t prospects just buy it on eBay for substantially less? Duh.

I spend $15k and 500+ hours (3 months) on this business, and I sold one machine (I hope my one customer isn’t too pissed). 3 months after I bought the machine I realized it wasn’t even producing the correct pH water, it was a point off. Mean-while I had been giving people false claims. To think I was hyping this water and business is regretful.

To think I went so far out of my way for them.. irks me. I feel they are lowly shallow people just looking out for themselves, under the guise that they’re trying to help you. The betrayal, disloyalty and disrespect.. has pissed me off. They lead me down a dead-end. Their intentions may be good(?), however shallow, twisted and tweaked.. but they have crossed the line with me. I reckon they don’t have enough of a conscious to care enough about my life, yet they feign that they are your helpful friend, and talk about integrity, ethics and the like. The beast works in mysterious ways. I was conned. It was underhanded, trickery, deception, slight of hand and brainwashing.

Reverse Osmosis RO water isn’t so bad. The right RO system produces alkaline water. Much of their claims are not totally true, or true in only certain instances.. half-truths. Most of these ###s don’t know what their talking about. They give you the snow-job. They have some smooth operators in their little rat pack.

They say my sales systems are off, flawed and faulty, and incite that I am dumb, with slight or out-right haughtiness. They use fuzzy logic, flimsy promises, fluff and hand-you-off to their cohorts for manipulation. They expect me to join their bozo mob, and go trick, manipulate, smooth-talk, con & deceive others like they do. That’s beyond my moral boundaries. I feel I have a fiduciary duty to my fellow man.. so steer clear Kangen marauders. They are insincere, chincy and cheap. To think that they promote themselves as good people, your friend that’s are looking out for your best interests.. makes me sick. They are not true friends. They are poor advisors.

To think I put my name on this.. To think I put my time, faith, belief and trust in them.. I feel burned. They are: not upfront, pushy, amateurish.. some other words include: high pressure sales tactics, whimsical claims, slimy, sleazy, ganging-up tactics, boasting, running me over, wham-bam-thank-you-mam, on-and-on, fast-talking, getting me to go along, getting you all amped-up with hype, shady, tricky, word-tricks, conniving.. questionable business practices.. however crafty, deceptive, obscure or blatant. They are not above-board first-rate professionals.

Would never recommend this as a business to anyone..

My bottom line: The Kangen business is a bunch of cheesy grandiose sensational hype.
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D  26th of Mar, 2011 by    -2 Votes
Tigerwolf66 sounds like a whiner to me, and stupid one at that. If this was as bad as he says, his due diligence must not have been very good. If he was ganged up on as he claims, (which should have set off warning bells) he must not have much self esteem or strength of character to cave in if he wasn't convinced.

He just sounds like a blame shifting whiner.
D  26th of Mar, 2011 by    -2 Votes
This is not a complaint.. but a very carefully written slanderous allegation with flaws, against a very reputable Company and it's representatives; Enagic Kangen. I know, as I have been connected with it for a good few months now, and this person's experience is so out there, it's just too surreal to be true. Sorry but, you get an APlus for the writing ability... but as for the rest.. hmmm... As with all good things, there will always be those who just don't ever get the point. And as for buying one on Ebay - you as a Distributor, would know that buying a second hand machine will make inoperative and invalidate the guarantee and all machines have serial numbers, so they can be traced back to their original owners. Red herrings abound in this 'account' of mal-treatment. You failed if you were indeed, a Distributor, mainly because of your attitude. I would be very interested to know what it was that you spent, $15, 000 dollars on .. and what did you actually do in those 500 hours.. which is actually only just over 20 days ... Whinge and whine? LOL.. this post is a joke.. and a total falsehood... wouldn't even stand up in a court of law!
A  14th of Jan, 2013 by    +1 Votes
They actually put Bleach and other chemicals in the Kangen water to reach the PH levels they use. I bought a unit, found out, and put the unit on ebay. Enagic is saying I am violating trademark and copyrights of theirs and pulled down my ad. I asked and emailed them the specifics and they didn't respond to that. I also said if that was true, nobody could sell used goods! Actually Enagic is violating my rights. You are allowed to use the copyrights and trademarks of a manufacturer under the 1st sale doctrine. They want you to buy their overpriced $4k unit that is full of chemicals and eliminate all competition, even their own used items, so they get $4, 000 directly. They are a VERY UNETHICAL company. Called all their numbers, got hung up on, put on hold forever with nobody coming to the line. Never delt with a company so horrible in my life.
N  27th of Aug, 2013 by    +1 Votes
How do i get a sereal number checked? 1Y116763 its a Platinum 501

Thank you if anyone can answer!
D  10th of Oct, 2016 by    -1 Votes
I am a Enagic Distributor. There is NO BLEACH put into the water. The water is made by running first through a filter and then through a processes over platinum plates. These machines are the only ones with a medical device certification and also approved by the water quality association.Also I have heard reports of bad tasting water from some lower priced cheaply made competitors machines which ended up buying Enagic machines. Kangen water is the best tasting water in the world as far as I am concerned and it has done some great things for my health and there is no price tag for that. See my site to learn more: http://www.bestkangenhealth.com/
For Restaurant and business uses see: http://www.myamazingwater.net/

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