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Enagic / KanganGas Scam


I too purchased a new water machine from Enagic early fall 2009. One reason we made this purchase was for the $500 gas redemption coupons. Well, we've complied with every hoop we've had to jump through for the past several months and still no gas cards! I spoke to the rep that sold me the machine I even talked to the Enagic corp office. Zip, Nada NO Card! What next?



  • Al
    Alkalosis Sep 30, 2018
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Would love to find a joint lawsuit going on (they must be settleing out of court). Three grandchildren whose teeth have been destroyed from alkaline water. Another family member who has alkalosis with shaking hands and some other health problems after drinking this for over ten years. This is a horrible nightmare!

    "Worsened nutrition deficiencies
    Like your body enzymes, the function of gut depends on body pH as well. Gut performs a wide array of functions ranging from digestion to nutrient absorption. Take vitamin B12 for example. It binds to a protein from a saliva and passes to the stomach. In the stomach, due to stomach’s acidic pH, B12 leaves that protein and binds with another agent called the intrinsic factor. This process is extremely critical from the absorption of B12 because the intestine only recognizes intrinsic factor and absorbs only that B12 that is bound to intrinsic factor. That’s why, people using stomach acid decreasing medicines and having undergone gastric bypass, which decreases the level of stomach pH, can’t properly absorb vitamin B12.

    Now, imagine you drinking alkaline water daily. It will definitely make the stomach pH more alkaline and will not let it perform its necessary steps in B12 absorption. And that’s only one nutrient. Relying heavily on alkaline water can significantly alter the absorption of a bunch of other nutrients like iron, calcium, folate and so on.

    In fact, results of animal studies have proved that use of alkaline water can cause significant growth retardation due to poor nutrient absorption from the gut (2).

    Digestion malfunctions
    The common phrase the sellers would tell you is that the alkaline water helps in digestion to keep you healthy at all times. However, it is not true, as it actually hinders the normal digestion process. This is due to steep changes in pH levels. People who are over 60 years should not drink alkaline water as the digestion side effects are severe.

    The digestion malfunctions are likely to lead to conditions such as hypochlorhydria. This is a sickness caused by calcium malabsorption, which gets worse with the continuous use of the alkaline water.

    In fact, there is a well characterized syndrome due to the excessive alkalization of stomach. It is called milk alkali syndrome. In this syndrome, when the stomach acid is decreased a bit too much, the absorption of calcium gets compromised to dangerous levels. Decreased calcium levels can be dangerous because a normal calcium level is needed for proper brain, gut and muscle function (3)."

    "The pH of your stomach varies, from 1-2 up to 4-5. When you eat, the stomach releases enzymes called proteases as well as hydrochloric acid to aid in digestion. By itself, the acid doesn't really do much for digestion, but the proteases that cleave proteins work best in an acidic environment or low pH, so after a high-protein meal, your stomach pH may drop to as low as 1 or 2. However, buffers quickly raise the pH back to 3 or 4. After the meal has been digested, your stomach pH returns to a resting level of about 4 or 5."

    “If the bottled water has a pH lower than 5.5, then it has the ability to dissolve enamel, which is the hard protective outer layer of your teeth and the hardest substance in the human body, ” Robles says. That pH level varies between brands because of the different processes each company uses to make the water clean enough to drink. The added chemicals and filtration systems used ultimately affect how the water tastes and its final pH level.
    When it comes down to it, any water with a pH level of less than 7.0 is considered acidic, or harmful to the body. However, some of the most popular brands have a pH level of less than 5.5 — meaning it can dissolve tooth enamel, aka the hardest substance in the body."

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  • Ci
    Cissyb Aug 02, 2012

    Really, kc collins, doing business as, has the audacity to give her "word" that a company is GREAT and scam free. I am begging you, do not believe a word out of her mouth. I purchased a puppy from her that cost me 1350$ and lived 3 weeks(porto systemic shunt) a genetic disease; read her contract if you are in the market for a pet and take heed----it is all lies. I had to sue her June of this year(2012) to get my money back. I WON over 1800$, of which I have not seen 1 dime; but she can afford a 4000$ water system???? She preaches fairness, love, and most of all GOD. Where is the godliness in that? Her company, simply teacups, is a puppy mill---she is knowingly selling genetically sick puppies, without a LICENSE. Anyone can design an official looking website, its what fooled me. But I can assure you, if I have not received my money by the end of this month, I will be taking the case to the next highest court where this time I will also be suing for pain and suffering. But I digress, if k c collins says its a great company, more than likely it is a SCAM, because she is a SCAMMER and a LIAR. Thank you

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  • Kc
    KC Collins May 08, 2012

    My comment is going to be more about the use of this water for cleaning. I have not drank the water for health reasons only but do like the taste of it. I purchased my system several months ago because I am a dog breeder and owner of My husband is allergic to chlorine. I needed a way to sanitize without using harsh chemicals. I know they use this water system in Japan and Canada in hospitals, hotels and many other places where cleanliness is of the utmost importance. Low and behold, the Kangen 12.5 level kills viruses and bacteria. I had a horrible scare, to say the least with purchasing a dog from another breeder that brought parvo virus into my home. I do not own a kennel, all of my animals are rasied under food in my house. I was so alarmed that I could have puppies dropping dead and had to act fast! I spoke with my holistic pet store owner and he recommended the Kangen water system (he uses it as well) and had wonderful things to say about it. With bleach being out of the question to use and being the only way to kill parvo, we purchased the machine. It worked!!! I cleaned my home top to bottom, bedding, clothes and toys. Not one puppy became ill once we knew what the problem was. My vets were impressed by the news of our sanitizing meathod. I was aprehensive and skeptical but the proof is in the pudding here. We also used the 11.5 level Kangen water to emulsify our carpet for spot cleaning and it took out months old, bright blue fingernail polish without smearing or anything. That one just shocked me! So you won't hear any complaints from me thus far. Another thing I love about this water for cleaning is the fact that I didn't even have to add any detergent or cleaner to the water. With one family member having horrible allergies and asthma, the less smells in the home, the better for their health. We do use Kangen 8.5 water for drinking water for ourselves and for all of our dogs as well. The things this water does for me, my family and my furry pets is amazing so far. We used to buy bottled water by the case almost daily. The $4000 system will have saved me thousands in bottle water purchases in time to come. It saves me from using spot remover for stained clothing, carpet shampoo, extra medicines for bacterial issues passed in dogs and more importantly, it saved lives in my precious little puppies. This to me is priceless. I am not a sales person trying to sell you anything. Only telling you what it has done for me. I do hope I never have a problem with the company like some others have I have read on here. I took a chance and it worked out in my favor. I am currently working on a page dedicated to how great this system has worked for me and my business on my website I am fortunate to have come across Kangen.

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  • Aa
    AARD Apr 24, 2012

    to hateenagic please call me. what i am looking for is the people who has problem from enajic, i have a lawyer will be willing to work with all the people who against enajic. if someone can reach me i am happy to help. or email me at [email protected]

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  • To
    tommiT Mar 07, 2011

    Why would ANYONE be stupid enough to sell/purchase a product that: 1) Uses a filter that contains a substance that causes ill-health in humans, 2) Uses OUTDATED technology to produce the alkaline water (would you buy a computer with 10 year old technology) and 3) Uses a chemical substance that clearly states it is to be used in a well-ventilated area and is not to come in contact with the skin? And look at the price for goodness sake: $4000. You can get a FAR SUPERIOR product for much less. The only reason Kangen water machine is so jacked up in price is that the salesmen have to make money on top of the company making it's high profit! Wake up people!!! Do your homework and stop being scammed!

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  • Ha
    hateenagic Jan 06, 2011

    I am writing so that anyone that will listen will know that Enagic is a dishonest company. They have no clue what customer service means. They do not EVER answer their phones, give you fax numbers that don't answer, change their stories constantly and give units that don't work. I really didn't need a $4000 paper weight. They told me they would pay for shipping to return it, they didn't. They told me that they would give me a new machine at no cost, but then asked for my credit card. They told me to ship the machine back by the 23rd, I returned it WAY before. They told me that there would only be a $100 restocking fee, then told me they were going to charge me an almost $400 processing fee?!!! They will NOT return calls or respond to e-mails in a timely manner. Whatever you do, DO NOT get involved with this company. It looks like I am going to just have to pay the STUPID tax and move on.

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  • On
    oneunhappycustomer Sep 30, 2010

    I bought mine today but the machine is defective, the power would not power on. It took me almost 4 days just to talk to the rep to send me the return label. Still haven't got one yet :( They will send me a temporary one until the new one get fix. It is scary to spend 4K but it does not work on the first day. The service is NO GOOD at all. Also, found out that if I return the machine after 7 days before 1M, I would have to pay a wooping amount of $480 which never disclose to me before.

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  • Im
    imrightandyouknowit Sep 08, 2010

    The person who wrote that western medicine is the only way... probably has never been outside of North America. Do you seriously believe the rest of the world is surviving by means of prescription drugs to conquer their cancers and their juvenile diabetes? ... if they even exist as extensively around the world!
    Water makes up 75% of the average human body, everything on this earth has a foundation in water, no living organism can survive without it,'re right maybe with more research you'd find how effective hydrating the body really is, by means of Kangen water or any other water.

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  • Ge
    getaclue! Aug 06, 2010

    Buyer beware! Any natural method of medicine is a scam! Only medicine that works is western medicine! Get a clue from the millions of research articles backing it up! Show me some concrete research that water or chiropractic for that matter does anything!

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  • St
    StillCheeky2 Jun 01, 2010
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Anyone that would purchase a $4000.00 product to get $500.00 in gas isn't playing with a full deck. Full Stop!

    I'm researching Kangen to see if it's something I want to become a part of.

    I have Fibromyalgia, Restless leg, Chronic Pain Syndrome, Chronic Fatigue, Chemical Sensitivities...just for starters.

    I’ve been told by Dr’s for years I needed to exercise to move beyond the pain of Fibromyalgia. But, how is that possible when I'm too tired to go anywhere? Or my muscles, legs, (calves, hamstrings, shins), feet, back, (Erector Spinae - [lower back] Latissmus Dorsi [Lats]), neck, triceps, ALL go into spasm just from movement? Or my body throws out toxins from ONE gentle workout when I have the energy, and then I end up almost bedridden for up to two weeks?!
    I also wake at night because of INTENSE charley horses in my feet or legs.
    Medications have only made things worse or caused more side affects!

    I used to be a body builder so I know what my muscles used to be able to do.

    Ever notice the people that say tap water is just as good also believe in Western Medicine? Most of the issues I have, are a direct result of medications prescribed by Western Medical Doctors.
    When I started to finally learn about nutrition, (water included now), proper Chiropractic (getting my body in proper alignment) so my body could begin the process of healing itself…everything started to fall into place.
    I have been on Disability for close to 20 years and in the last 5 years I have taken my health into my own hands and have been paying out of pocket to get healthy. It’s finally happening!
    I never expected Rome to be built in a day so when you are sick and been that way for a long time, it’s going to take time find restoration…especially when money is limited!
    If I’d had money, I wouldn’t be where I am now as I would have been able to afford what I needed, when I needed it and as often as it was needed. The process has been slow because I only afford so much each month.
    Western Medical does NOT pay for what makes us healthier. Only medicates the symptoms that mask the real issues!

    Back to Kangen, I've been drinking the water for a month and the taste is great. I'm feeling better and my muscles that were constantly going into spasms before have almost stopped.
    I’ve always been considered “skinny” till the last year and a half. At 54 suddenly my metabolism wasn’t burning calories. I was eating less, still TRYING to maintain activity and was still gaining instead of struggling to keep weight on!
    Finally, I’m losing! So far 15 of the extra 40 lbs I put on, and I just turned 56.
    There is light at the end of the tunnel!

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  • An
    Another user Mar 29, 2010

    So you bought a machine and was promised money back..

    Whoever sold you this seems like a typical snake salesman.

    Don't ever trust someone who "will give you X amount of dollars once you make a transfer" kinda deals. Always verify that the door salesman is a rep, especially if they promise you things.

    I don't think would be able to build their business if they A. hired snake salesmen, B. had to take care of every victim of a scammers.

    I don't have a kangen machine but I tasted the water and liked it. I also know that you can return the machine within 30 days.
    Be more wary of "I will give you X if you give me Y first" kinda deals.

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