Empowraccount terminated without any notice!

To Whom It May Concern,

My name is Cynthia Rafalowicz from Belgium. I am an exemplary and motivated Empowr Citizen who always played by the rules. Unfortunately, Empowr has terminated my account suddenly and without any notice ! I have created a new account in the hope to receive an explanation and to try to reactivate my old account but without success. Empowr says they sent me several warnings about my pics which it totally not true ! They cannot even show these warnings because they do not have any.

I started from the bottom one year ago and became a First Degree Teal Color platinum user. I had about 7.000 fans! I was even proposed several times to become a coach. I was really looking forward to that. I was just waiting for the right time (4 kids and 2 with Down Syndrome so I have extremely busy days). One day my coach told me to start selling in order to receive an AMCO, so I did exactly what I was told.

Within 4 months I had:

- 545 items at « received » !!!
- about 100 items on the way to my buyers for which I cannot do the follow up and for which I have paid for nothing !!!
- Let's not forget the shipping costs !!!

I was a 5 stars seller and always had great contacts with my buyers.

Empowr already took 10% of all my sales. What is happening now ? Are they going to keep my money ? The money I have invested in order to sell on the market place. I was on Empowr to make money and I have lost a fortune.

My coach Jeuti (who stopped being a coach because he wasn't being paid by Empowr) and my new coach David Bruyland both clearly told me that my pics were fine !!! You have access to all my messages so please have a look and you will see that I am right. As I am a perfectionist, I wouldn't do anything against Empowr. And now, here I am. No more account because I was given incorrect information.

I was posting animal pics, kids pics, decoration pics and women pics in bikinis or lingerie… My pictures were coming from famous artists, “Pinterest” or magazines like « Sports Illustrates » and had nothing to do with [censored] or improper pictures as you can find on so many other peoples' page. Even I was shocked very often ! One day, David sends me a message telling me to delete my pics. I got scared and tried to delete them all but the page was so heavy (one year of pics) I couldn't go all the way down ! The next day my account was terminated. How was I supposed to deleted them all ? Why did everyone told me my pics were fine if they were not ? Here in Europe, it's the kind of pics we see everywhere.

I was constantly receiving private messages about how nice and refreshing my page was. The comments below my pics were always very positive. I was ready to accept a trial period if necessary but they don't want to hear anything about me which is totally incredible, unprofessional and rude.

In view of this unilateral and totally unfair decision from Empowr I would like to be informed on the procedure I must follow to reactivate my account in the state it was one month ago.

I am looking forward to hearing from you very soon.


Cynthia Rafalowicz

Sep 11, 2017

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