Empire Parking Services / Predatory practices/unlawful booting

1039 Grant St SE, Atlanta, GA, United States
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On 10/21/2015, I parked at 438 Peachtree St. Their is a Public Parking sign as you enter the lot. There was no kiosk due to construction so I went across the street to the kiosk and purchase a full day of parking. Put my ticket on my dash and went into my work building. When I got back to my car that afternoon, there were two boots. I called the number on the window sticker and told them that I had paid and the boots were put on erroneously. When the technician arrived in a beat up mustang (tape holding his back glass together) with magnetic EPS signs, I requested that the boots be removed. He stated that it would be $75.00. That I had parked there without a permit. I asked him where was the signage that it was a permit parking only lot as I had parked there the week before and it was transient parking. He said that there was no signs but actually the lot was closed. Again, I asked him where is the signage and why are the gates open then? I explained that I was not trying to get out of paying. I paid my money across the street which is a Lanier Parking lot as well. He said that did not matter. Pay the money or I wouldn't get my car. As time was of the essence, I ask for the phone number to call my credit card number into. He said that he would take it. I laughed because surely he wasn't serious. No one in the present day writes down credit card numbers. There are these nifty little POS devices that snap right into your smartphone (maybe EPS should invest in some). I told him I was not comfortable giving my CC number to someone in a ratty car. He said that he had the car sign but you can have those made anywhere. After going back and forth, he said pay or I don't get my car. I still feel violated and extorted. They don't listen to you when you try to explain. I have filed a complaint with the BBB. I have filled out one of their dispute forms to no avail. There is absolutely NO signage in this lot to indicate that it is permit parking only or that it is closed. The only signage is a big PUBLIC PARKING sign. To most people, it would simply look like free parking. Beware of where you park in Atlanta because they seem to be everywhere and unscrupulous.

Oct 28, 2015

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