Empire Parking Services (EPS) / Predatory practices and racism

Atlanta, GA, United States
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This evening, July 30th, we visited Atlanta Fish Market and my daughter 's boyfriend parked at the Pharr Road Shopping Center lot. He made an error and didn't see the low entrance signs which state the parking is open to the public after 6 p.M. Although open to the public, you still need to pay for the parking. When we returned to the car, it had two boots and a sticker that stated the fine would be $75. Understanding the situation, we called and waited for technician 103 (or V03) given the poor handwriting to arrive at the lot.

When we asked the technician why he had placed two boots on the car given the possible damage to the vehicle, he threatened with charging $150 dollars ($75 per boot). We Informed him that it was only 75 dollars and he proceeded to say "who told you that" and threatened to charge $300 to remove the two boots. We noted that the window sticker said $75 and then he asked for the credit card for the payment. I believe he would not have tried to extort additional money if my daughter's boyfriend had not spoken with a Hispanic accent and surname. The EPS technician made an assumption we could not read the fine print on the notice and was attempting to double or triple the payment.

Jul 30, 2016

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