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I have submitted the below complaint to emirates and have yet to receive thoughtful response. I received one response a month after filing that said I got charged according to the correct policy, without addressing the fact that their own hq gave out the wrong information. When I tried to follow-up twice - leaving 3-5 weeks gap inbetween, I still did not get response. They also, in their responses, have been addressing me by name but listing the address of a totally different customer - which is unprofessional and potentially a breach in privacy...

On october 25th, 2012 I flew out of nairobi’s jomo kenyatta airport on emirates flight to chennai through dubai. This letter is to contest the excess baggage charge that was imposed at check-in.

Two days prior to taking the flight I attempted to call the emirates office in nairobi to clarify the baggage allowance for my flight as the e-ticket was unclear. It said 30kg and two bags but did not say whether the weight was per bag or total. I could not find clear clarification online either, despite looking for an hour, so I tried calling. As I could not get through to the nairobi office after trying 2-3 times I called the head office in dubai.

The dubai office picked up and clearly told me it was 30kg allowance for each bag. However, when going to check-in at nairobi’s international airport, I was told that the allowance was 30kg total, not per bag. I told them that I had received different information on the phone and that I would appreciate if they could call the emirates office. They said they could not multiple times and directed me to have the emirates ticketing office on the side call. While waiting in line for almost 20 minutes, I took the dubai number for emirates and called three times and could not get through. As I wasn’t being served quickly in person as well and my flight was soon to depart I made the decision that I should pay the charge on credit card, so as not to miss my flight, and then contest later.

While in line at check-in, prior to deciding to pay given the time constraint, the man behind me said he had the exact same experience. Both him and I were in a similar position & ndash; we were moving from nairobi to other international locations. He to taiwan and me to india. As we had to move our whole life into suitcases we both had taken special care to call emirates to find out about baggage restrictions. He, like me, had tried the nairobi office to no avail and then called the main office in dubai who also told him he got 30kg per bag. If you would like to corroborate this you can contact him, — at —. We had the same flight between nairobi and dubai.

Whatever the correct policy, which I still do not understand given the different messages I was given, the passenger cannot be held responsible for mistakes in communication by the airline or the airport staff. There is no way I would have packed $750 excess baggage had I know that the policy was not for 30kg per back but 30kg total. I should not be penalized for being given this misinformation from emirates. The fact that it happened to another passenger means that the dubai office and the nairobi airport staff were certainly communicating differently to passengers.

I ask that the excess baggage charge of $750 be cancelled/credited back to me given what I experienced. Or that the airline consider some other way to compensate me so I am not discouraged to use their services in the future. It is pure unprofessionalism. The policies should be easily accessible, communicated clearly, and relayed consistently between hq and airports.

Jan 12, 2013
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  • Mr
      Mar 23, 2013

    i was charged £440 for 1 kg of excess baggage. Thet took my cabin luggage in as i was on a wheel chair without informing me that i was going to be charged for it..
    Complaint to customer service and was literally fogged off with some policy . I was told that i sent 2 pieces of luggage in totally 41 kg.( 31 kg baggage and 10 kg hand luggage)I was refused ninformation about their appeal policy and told blutly that it has already been investigated throughly and sorry that they can't reach an amicable decision. NO REFUND. i am not too sure where to go next.

    I would appreciate any comments Please mail me on [protected]

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  • Ca
      Jun 21, 2014

    I have just had a the same experience at Dubai Airport flying to Paris. We were told we would have to pay near $2500 Australian dollars in excess as we were 35kg over. We are moving a family of four so I checked our baggage allowance which said 40kg each for business class. This apparently did not include our infant child - therefore we had 35kg excess. After a huge stuff around with bags we took 30 kg of it carry on - along with our 10 month old and 3 year old and a pram - needless to say it was an absolute nightmare. We still had to pay a ridiculous amount for the remaining 10 kg, almost $500 AUD. I think excess baggage charges are an absolute joke - no matter what class you are flying but I am absolutely mortified that I was asked to pay an additional $2500 for baggage after already spending $10K on Business Class flights for my family. THIS HAS BEEN THE WORST EXPERIENCE WITH ANY AIRLINE AND I HIGHLY RECOMMEND NOT TO TRAVEL WITH EMIRATES!

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  • Co
      Jan 19, 2017

    this just happened to me but I was able to talk my way out of expensive fees, and was given my boarding pass just in enough time to make my flight. it was like my boarding pass was held hostage until I paid bogus excess baggage fees. the more I research on this the more I find that this is happening to often.

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