Emirates Group / Emirates.comwhy my wife had to pay 200$ when she got sick on the plane

My wife was traveing back alone to USA on 1 week back She got sick when her plane landed in Dubai on her way from Karachi to Newyork . She was taken to clinic and was provided treatment that made her to miss her connecting flight .Emirates staff was extremely unhelpful she was made to run from one counter to another was not allowed to use wheelchair as she was still feeling weak after the episode.See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in Saint James, NY was made to pay 200$ cash if she wanted to get on next flight. Printers were out of order to print her paperwork .
I have checked her papers and nowhere it mentioned she paid 200$ extra .Just some codes and cash .
Is this how emirate airline behaves with their travelers that are in need of emergent help .What if she didn't have 200$ would she still be stuck in Dubai with nowhere to go .

Jan 30, 2017

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