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Hi, this is dr aldiri from kuwait. I booked a ticket from kuwait to madrid with reference i5pfnj on 17/5/2017 in a business trip to reach there early that I can attend a meeting by 4 pm and surprisingly I was informed 2 days before that my flight from kuwait was canceled and they rebuked me on morning flight which is not convenient to me because I will miss my meeting in madrid so the rebook me on 16th may at 10.35 pm flight with more than 6 h15 min waiting in dubai and since i'm a business class passenger so I am eligible to get hotel stay during this period but unfortunately the emirates staff said there is no chance to get this service then when I insisted since its my right they agree to provide it but outside the airport which means I need to apply for a visa to dubai and pay the fees? I asked them to arrange it in the airport hotel but they said its not possible without giving logic explanation! And I had to spend these 6 hours overnight on the chair! I am a frequent flyerr and gold member in emirates and I did not expect to get such unrespectable treatment after being loyal to the company for years I feel very frustrated and I thought emirates build their success and reputation because of their care and respect to their clients and I think I will revise my opinion regarding this issues which my reflect on my future plans to travel by emirates. From the feed back of others complaints I realised that emirates usually ignored it and again another negative point added to their image? I am not sure that my complain will get the proper attention but I feel that I supposed to get better compensation to what I have been through dr iman aldiri

May 16, 2017

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