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Booking ref QBZKNS Sunday 26th March my mum flew Buisness Class EK418 from Manchester to Bangkok via Dubai, a holiday that will be her Last to visit family for one last time to be informed in Bangkok her wheelchair, medication and case where missing. She was told that she would be able to keep hold of the Emirate wheelchair and her medication and her own chair would be got to her that night at the address she was staying, she was then taken to the car by Emirates staff to be told at the car she couldn't keep the Emirates wheelchair so then left at the car with no chair totally disabled . Needless to say no bags chair or medication where taken to the address that night. The following morning they where told to go back to the airport and rummage around a baggage room a 70 year old disabled lady and her husband, 3 hours later the chair was found but no case with her medication, by this time she was in crucial pain they took her to the hospital at Bangkok where it cost 26000 baht to replace Medication. In the meantime she had a fall whilst they where trying to move her in the bathroom, after the medication was taken it wasn't touching her pain so they returned to the hospital to find she has smashed her hip. My mum is still in hospital in Bangkok waiting to undergo surgery to pin and plate her hip.
I have spoken to numerous members from Emirates to be passed from pillar to post, I cannot believe that a company that considers themselves to be a luxurious airline can discriminate and treat an elderly disabled lady so badly, then to avoid all contact and try to pass this from person to person is a disgrace. I am appalled by Emirates and now 5 days on I am still waiting to hear from you, I will be passing all these details on to a solicitor as I am not prepared to pay another £1900 as quoted to change the flights to get them home because the hospital have said they will not be able to fly on the date originally planned it will not be safe. My contact details are Amanda Fox [protected] and I hope to hear from you very soon.

Mar 31, 2017

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