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My Name is Avanthi Gopal and I recently Flew Emirates from Chennai (MAA) to Los Angeles (LAX) on the 9th of December. Flight Number EK543 and EK215.

I came across a few incidents in the Emirates Counter in Chennai Airport which I really want to bring to your attention as this caused a really bad impact on all of us Travelers.
I work in Los Angeles and I frequently travel around the world and this is the first time this has ever happened to me.

To Start with, I was given an extra baggage charge for my check in's which I totally was ready to pay for. They asked me to go to the Emirate counter instead of paying it there. The retained my Boarding Pass. I proceeded towards the counter. On reaching the counter, I noticed two other people waiting before me. This lady came up to me and asked me if I had cash to pay for it. I said no I don't. She told me that their Credit Card machine wasn't working ( they only had one machine for all of us).
They kept removing the machine and putting it back to show as if it wasn't working but on the side they were trying to convince us to give cash instead of Card.
They even asked me to go to Foreign Exchange services to give them the cash in hand instead of swiping our cards. This is totally unacceptable since Emirates is a reputable place and one should be collecting cash like this ILLEGALLY or convincing the passengers to Pay cash. We are flying and we are In an Airport, waiting to catch the Flight, they cant hold us back asking us to pay CASH ILLEGALLY. The number of people in the counter increased to about 6 people. We were all ready to pay via card but they were still acting as if they were fixing the machine, meanwhile convincing us to pay cash. Also two people whose baggage's were within limits were told they can only carry one Bag carry on and no personal Item and were charged for that. This was completely ridiculous as we were allowed one Personal Item and one Cabin Baggage. All of this looked as fraud to us since they wanted us to pay by Cash.
We all checked in early so we were made to stand for 1.5 hours in the counter which took away valuable family time for us at the airport. We were in a rush to catch the flight. I was given only one boarding pass till Dubai since I told them I cant wait further and need to spend family time and I wont pay cash. They told me I need to collect the next boarding pass in Dubai Airport.See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in Los Angeles, CA They said they will inform a person in Dubai and that a person will be waiting at the Gate with a ATM machine to get the money.
It came to my attention that the others who waited there till the last minute were charged half of what they owed and they collected cash from them. They asked the passengers to give them whatever cash they had. This is just ILLEGAL and totally unacceptable from a Company like Emirates.

When I landed in Emirates Airport, there was no one waiting with an ATM Machine. I proceeded to the gate without a Boarding pass. At the Gate, I told them the situation and they had no clue about anything at all. They checked and gave me my Boarding pass but they saw a comment which said I need to pay for Check in. There was no statement about what happened. My flight was leaving at 8:30 with the Boarding gate to close at 8:10. They sent me to an office to pay this amount around 7:50. I do not blame the people in Dubai at all since they were doing their Job. But I went to the office paid it with my Card, the whole 90 USD and came running at the Final call to the boarding Gate.I would have missed my Flight if I was even two mins late.
All this happened only because of the things that happened in the Chennai Emirates Office and their lies.

Collecting Cash in an Airport is Illegal. Lying to a Customer that a person will be waiting with a MAchine at an Aiport is Illegal. Atleast I was able to run to catch my Flight. Imagine if I was with family or If I was an older person. They really wanted to give a hard time because I refused to pay cash or give whatever cash I had to them. This is corruption at the Airport. This is completely Illegal and I really hope Emirates can take some strict action against them. All I got from that trip was Stress thinking if I can make it on time to LA. We all have jobs that we have to get back to and this is just really bad.

People who gave cash illegally were charged less and I was charged the complete 90 USD. How is that fair? So do we have to lean into corruption in order to travel safely without any stress? What kind of Customer Service is this? I really need assurance that you are going to take action on this issue. I will not leave this Issue till some strict action has been taken and I get a solution for this.

You can contact me in [protected] for any further details you require. I really hope you take some strict actions on this matter.

Dec 11, 2018

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