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I & my wife travelled on Christmas day in 2016, flying out from JFK at 11.00 pm (scheduled)and then taking a connecting Emirates flight (2 hours lay over)from Dubai International to New Delhi India. The flight from JFK took off about 3 hours late due to fog in Dubai, fast forward, I and my wife could not make the connection.
I was to stay back in Delhi for 2 days with a friend and fly off to Mumbai on 12/28, my wife was taking the first early morning flight from New Delhi to Indore to help her sister a week before the wedding of her son.
Since we both could not make the flight from Dubai to Delhi, my wife had to buy a separate ticket from New Delhi to Indore as the prior day ticket could not be used.
24 hours later on the following late evening me & my wife were put by Emirates on a Jet Airways flight that explains the additional cost of the air ticket from New Delhi to Indore.
Our 4 bags did not land with us in New Delhi, however my wife left for Indore on a separate purchased tickets without her bags, ( as detailed above) however since I was to stay back in New Delhi until 12/28, I gave the address of my friend where I was staying and using his clothes as was my wife wearing her sister's clothes, but we do understand that things do happen.
The 4 bags were delivered to me on the night of 12/29 at 9.30am at my friend's address, since I could not make my flight to Mumbai, I too had to purchase a fresh ticket(in summary 2 tickets were purchased one by my wife from New Delhi to Indore and one for myself from New Delhi to Mumbai)
Had the bags been delivered on or before 12/28 morning, I could have flown off to Mumbai where I was supposed to spend a day and those same bags could have then travelled with me to Indore.
Since the bags were late by 2 days and I had to visit Mumbai, I had to courier the bags to my wife as the pre marriage festivities were on a week before the marriage, all I am asking Emirates who put me on to Jet Airways their partner airline who flew me & my wife from Dubai International to New Delhi, to pay for the cost of 2 local tickets and the courier charges from New Delhi to Indore.
Emirates asked me to follow up with Jet Airways as Jet Airways was my carrier from Dubai to New Delhi.
At first after 3 months of email exchange from USA, Jet airways offered me a meager INR 4, 000 and when I explained and provided them with my claim of $400, incl 2 air tickets one new Delhi to Indore another New Delhi to Mumbai(2 days late arrival of the bags) and the courier bill, I was told that my claim was being escalated upon my refusal to accept the INR4, 000, and yesterday the Jet Airways Baggage desk informs me after a 12 month back & forth ordeal that they cannot compensate me for anything now and that I should accept this an a isolated case end of story.
My request to Emirates you were my carrier from Dubai to New Delhi, I did everything you asked me to follow up with Jet airways, now I am coming back to you to honor my claim of $400+ US Dollars.

Jan 30, 2019

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