Emirates Group / Emirates.combad services rendered to sick passenger in dubai

We were flying back from umrah on 18 april and my aunt was forcefully taken off tje flight bck from duabai to durban because she has asthma and was chesty. My ill mum had to stay back with her. They were promised best medical attention but imstead received a beach chair to sleep on. My mum had to book and pay for a hotel room and bed to sleep for the night. Why ? We were told they will be hosted and catered this..emirates treats old sick people like this...why...who is responseble to pay us for what was spent there in dubai that night and all that inconvenience ? They did not even have clothes and medication with them. All our luggage..4 of us..was taken out without notification. My baby was sick and all her stuff was in much problems to come back to durban airport and see no luggage. Even our zam zam water went missing. I must say that this has been very upsetting and disappointing for us to experience this with emirates.
I want feedback asap. We went all the gateway offices today...after we all got well and recovered to get assited..but we were a robot on the internet and wait for reply...if we lucky we will get a reply. This is nonsense. I am so temtped to broadcast this on social media..but i will have the decency to wait for a reply..from an email address that i can reply to and contact further.

May 19, 2017

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