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Has anyone been called up by debt collectors from their UAE banks and been told, perhaps in a not-so-nice tone, to pay outstanding balances on their credit card bills?

Do you want to tell your story to a journalist in UAE? If so, please email me at [protected]

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  • Du
      Dec 28, 2009

    I just been hang up by the emirates debt collector right at this moment.. by a lady who is so arrogant and shouting.. that pay now or we will send you to jail...
    I believe that there is God but there are people here who feels and act like God..that they can control lives of people, shouting harrasing and in just a click of hand can bounce your check and file police case.
    How do these people live thier live destroying some else lives.. how about the family, or children our parents who deeply rely on us...
    Small people like me are beeging for the goverment to interefere and help us... we want to work and we want to survive.. why the goverment is letting small people end up and jail and those who run away with millions & billions are living freely.
    I remain and stood up incouraging myself that i can recover..but How will i recover if these people are destroying my work, giving pressure and humiliating me.
    The treat of these bouncing check and jailing are to much! it is being misused and debt collectors are taking advantages of this..
    I feel sad that people makes money and glorify themselves from the soul of people living miserably ... for every food that thier children and family eat and drink are from the blood and tears of all the people they are distroying... people are dying and are comitting suicide for hopelessness .. i really hope that this Debt Collectors who seems like God will be punished and without option of mercy be rested as well in jail so they may know how it feels there being in hell down from the paradise where they live now.
    There are many souls crying for help the goverment should do something.

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  • Ma
      Sep 02, 2018

    @dustylife59 for any settlement or payment plan u all need from their respective banks please do call me [protected] ...

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  • Di
      Mar 21, 2010

    I compeletly agree with the above, I have been getting similer calls from Emirates bank, though they are not shouting but they are telling me that if I do not pay my credit card bill by tomorrow then they will present the cheque and file a police case against me, I have been requesting them to hold for a week, that is when I get my salary but they are not listening, so I cannot do anything, just hoping that they do not deposite the cheque in the bank today. I want to pay, some of my friends asked me to run away like many people did or still doing but I told them that I came to this country to make my career, to earn money for my family, I took the money so I have to give it back, I cannot run away and sleep on it.
    I wish the government had some law which help people like me who really wants to pay but cannot because of some reason, which can be proven.

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  • Hu
      Apr 07, 2010

    I have been mentally tortured for 5 months now. I left the country because of these debt agencies and bank collectors calling me. But i have decided to fight them and get my right. I have intent to pay but on my terms. I have created a group and i would appreciate if you folks join it as well. We can all get together and make the difference.!/group.php?gid=110407465652195&ref=ts

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  • Sa
      Aug 29, 2010

    personel loan dept, mamager emirates bank.
    OCCUPATION ; driving instructor
    COMPANY: sharjah driving institute shj govt.
    came to pakistan on annual vacation, elder son of my family our village is hangu doaba which have been declared as a red zone which mean war effected, for further information can be checked trough internet. passed three years shifiting from one place to another running from death looking for life just to secure my family to stay alive. besides i have lost some of my family member. i dont know how to start again after tourchering mentally' really i need some one to guide me. my e. Email [protected]

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  • He
      Oct 04, 2018

    Here is my story:
    I was worried and living in a hilarious life now as I am always thinking anytime police will going to catch me. I keep on searching, reading in google /websites for the same case I have, to gain some ideas and resolve my problem.I am really helpless and sometimes wanting to die because of this ENBD.
    I have an issue of Emirates NBD bank as I have a car loan worth of 67900Dhs, payable in 5 years.Got the car loan last February 2015 and started to pay last May 2015 with a monthly payment of 1315Dhs/month. I have a continues payment until I was hooked in some bad financial conditions which I failed to pay my monthly payment. Total dues is about 7 months but not consecutive months.Like paying this month next month no and vise versa.Because that time I am really in bad situation.The collection department send me message that they will going to file a case against me and I keep on answering them asking for little patience as I was trying to solve and my salary will be given as full which means I can pay regularly but unfortunately the collection department gave me 2 options only which are:
    1. Surrender the car and pay the remaining balance by reconstructing my loan.
    2. Pay the full balance.

    I said if I will surrender the car then pay the remaining means I lost and gain nothing. I am trying to solve the issue but they didnt gave me a chance. However, I started to pay again regularly even I still have 7months dues. Until a police officer caught me and took my drivers license and car license and sent me to a police station to recover. from then, they told me that my car is wanted so I need to bring to the Car impound and go to Murror to settle. I went to Murror( Car registration and traffic Department) Then they told me to send my car to car jail so I did it. The murror officer returned my drivers license and Car license and told me to pay the dues because the bank made my car wanted. I even asked them if I am also wanted they said no its just my car.Once I pay the dues then I will clear it to the bank as simple as that.

    I am very confident that the issue raised by the bank is not as big as I am facing now. In my guts I am still worried so what I did is I went to Tasheel to ask my name if I have a case but they cannot check therefore they told me to go to Immigration. I went there and I asked them If my name is clear and the Immigration officer said the EnBD raised a case against me for a cheque with amount of 78900Dhs.and I am blacklisted and wanted. I told them the story. I did not know for what is that amount and If I am aware I would not go to Immigration nor Police Department to ask if I have a Police case. I told them also regarding my car loan only but they said I need to go to Bank and settle. Actually when a they found out that I am already blacklisted and wanted they warned me to stay and be jailed. I was devastating and shocked and really scared. But really I cannot say anything or any words because I was blank and shattered. Then I honestly told them that I don't have any idea about my issue what I only knew is about my car which I already surrendered. I convinced them and given me a chance not to put in jail and gave me my case number which was applied in Muraqqabat police station in Dubai and settle my issue.

    Everyday I was crying and living in a miserably because of this issue and I keep on thinking why 78900dhs? I made my payment more than half already and still in contract.
    Today I called ENBD costumer service and asked how much still my remaining balance and they told me still 18months remaining for 1315dhs/month or If I wanted to do early settlement there will be an 37, 321.73 dhs total including the early settlement fees.

    I wanted to clear and settle this but I am really afraid that If I will go to Muraqqabat POlice Station they will catch me so the more I cannot solve my case. Also I wanted to asked the Collection dept bank why they are asking too much amount? why 78900Dhs but no one gave me a correct answer, simply telling me to pay the full amount or stay in jail.

    I don't know what to do and I don't know what to start. I am really afraid going to Police station but in my heart I am really and humbly telling I wanted to clear.I am really nervous afraid and I don't know what to do.

    Feeling helpless at present :(

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