Emirates Airlinevery poor customer care and service

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Name nikita arjun date of travel

I was booked on a emirates flight from savannah to bangalore to savannah. On my return jousrney, I reached boston and after checkin into the savannah flight from boston, was told the flight is cancelled. The jet blue never bothered to even re book me on the next flight out. When I went to them, they told me they cant find my name and that too after seeing the boarding pass I gave them. They then told me I was booked by emirates so it didnt show up my name for re booking. I had landed on saturday and they told me they wil lbook me on monday. All this after I was on a flight from india after 18 hours. I practically had a nervous breakdown and had to get my father to speak to them they did not even offer boarding for me till monday. , they were callous enough to say I can g o to the information desk at the terminal and get a discount pass and book my hotel. I doesnt drive there, had no friends and what do you expcect me to do. Further, they refused to book me on any other airline and asked rme to go book herself. Finally delta offered r a 800 $ ticket for which I had no money and had to book a 200 $ ticket arriving savannah at midnight. A single girl landing in savannah at midnight was a turmoil for me and my parents. Is this what emirates does for its customers. Its a shoddy way of treating a passenger. There were cheaper options to travel yet my parents chose emirates as we expect much better from emirates. I have enclosed the boarding pass and baggage tags too. I understand that weather can make travel difficult but its how the airline treats their guests in an adversity is why we book in an airline like emirates. I would like this addressed immediately and also a complete refund on the ticket for the journey as the service was extremely poor not to mention the turmoil we were put through along with the breakdown I had in boston

Jan 12, 2017

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