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Embarq / Free TV not so Free

1 OH, United States Review updated:

I recently moved into a new house, and the only Internet, tv, and phone service in the area was with Embarq. I called them up and asked them about their deals and was told that there was a triple bundle for Internet, tv, and phone service that included 12 months of free tv. This was to cost around $75 before taxes. I decided to get this deal, but after the first month I was charged $49.99 for my tv service. I called them up and was told that the free tv offer would not kick in until the second month because they didn't want to waste the deal on a partial first month. My mistake is that I believed that load of crap. The second month came by and I was yet again charged for the tv service on top of the other services. I called them back and they told me that I was no longer qualified for the free tv and that I was stuck paying for it for 2 years because of the contract they made me agree to (which, by the way, included the free tv). The customer service rep said it was because I have a credit rating of "C" with Embarq, and you need to have a rating of at least "B" to get the free tv. This angered me the most because my credit rating is nearly perfect (in the 700s) and this rep was trying to tell me that it was sub-par. The rep would not back down, so I had to hang up. I was so mad that I decided to look up my credit reports online for the year on all three sites that show them. The most interesting part of this was that Embarq was nowhere to be found in the area that shows who recently looked at your credit report on any of my three reports. This tells me that I am either mislabeled in their system or they blatantly lied to my face about my credit rating. I don't know what I will do from here, but if you can avoid Embarq, do so at all costs. By the way, the free tv offer is offered to new customers only, but one (apparently inept) representative told me that it is only available to people who have had the service for 10 months.

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  • Je
      19th of Aug, 2008
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    Hi- My name is Jenny and I work with Embarq online support team. I would like to help you with your issues that you are having with Embarq. If you would like for me to assist you please email me anytime at

    Jenny R.
    Embarq online support

  • Tm
      13th of Sep, 2008
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    This company may be one of the most unethical if not fraudulent in existence today - the telecommunications version of Enron. Count me as another duped consumer via Embarq's false advertising. Like John above I made the ridiculous mistake of subscribing to their service based upon billing estimate's from at least 6 ignorant Embarq CSR's. Low and behold the bill arrives with more hidden fees than you could possibly dream up yourself. Then the real kicker, like John above my 12 month free TV deal and the corresponding $39.99/mo credit doesn't exist (even though I was told at the time of ordering of the phone that I was qualified). Apparently my 780 FICO score isn't good enough?! If I were John I would strongly recommend doing what I will do on Monday, find a law firm that is prepared to go to bat for me and surely the thousands of other consumers that have been similarly lied to.

  • Cd
      27th of Apr, 2009
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    I have also fallen victim to the free TV offer thats not so free. The best part about the whole thing is this company could not have run my credit for the offer. They messed up the names on the account and added my husband's name and my social security number. I am currently in the process of trying to find out what my legal options are. I have spent more than 6 hours on the phone with different customer service reps who have all given me different answers as to why I am being billed so much. I have been left on hold for long periods of time and promised someone would call me back with a resolution. So far no resolution and no return calls. I think its ashame that a company is allowed to get away with something like this.

  • Se
      14th of Jul, 2009
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    I switched from DirecTV a year ago to Embarq's bundle with Dish network because of the free offer. Now that my year was up I called to see what my new charges were going to be only to find out I had been paying full price all along (I did have some billing on my entertainment section because I upgraded the TV package and had additional receivers). First they told me I didn't qualify and when I pushed and asked why, they came back and said I did qualify but it didn't go through their system, then another rep told me again that I didn't qualify and around and around and around. They said it would have been better had I checked my bill and called back earlier; so I dug out last years paperwork to find I was given a credit on my first months bill - I was sure I had checked it, but no subsequent credits after that. I didn't notice because I have a billing with so many things on it (LD, Local, Internet, TV, etc) so I just assumed the billing would remain correct. When I talked to a 'supervisor' about this I was told that was a Dish Network credit - well how would I know that when I called Embarq to connect and the only credit I was expecting was their???
    On top of all that, a few months ago Embarq called to review my services and see if they could 'optimize' what I have. We decided that I don't use enough long distance on one of my lines to warrant the Unlimited LD so we changed with the understanding that my work line NOT be changed. Low and behold, the next month bill they had changed it and instead of me saving money, now I was being billed for a ton of LD charges. I called and thought it was resolved but the next months bill came and the same thing...
    I think Embarq has some sort of scam going and I will be reporting them to the BBB. Every change on my account, whether I initiated or they did, has cost me more money than it should.
    Finally, I cancelled my Dish and I have to pay $120 early cancellation fee even though I never got the free TV I was promised for 12 months!
    I didn't realize that customer service has gotten so bad that you literally have to peel through every bill every month in minute detail. That is really too bad. I remember when companies were honest.

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