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On July 1, 2006, my mother had to be transferred to an assistant living facility. Unfortunately, EmbarQ was the only phone service available. I called EmbarQ, and the informed me that her monthly charge would be $23.98, and gave me the phone number. When an EmbarQ employee came to install the phone, they gave her a different phone number, with an Internet hookup. When I called the company, and asked them what they were doing--that my mother was 92 years old, and no use for a computer. The sarcastic lady at the other end of the phone replied...'it's about time she learned'.

After a new bill came in, charging her for an additional hookup, that was never in service, and was supposed to be the original number, at $23.98/month. I paid by check, the first installation fee, and EmbarQ sent it to collection agency. This has been going on for over ten months, emailing back and forth. They are charging her over $69.00/month for each phone number. I mistakenly gave them my credit card number, to take care of the $23.98, but the continued to rack it up for hundreds of dollars.

This has taken a toll on her, and she has become ill. If she was to die because of this, will file a wrongful death suit. This company trains it's people to scam. We're now at the point, where we have to take this to small claims court and will be speaking with an attorney this week. Hopefully, other can learn from our experience with this company called EmbarQ.

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  • Ce
      Aug 06, 2009


    I work for Embarq. Sorry you are having trouble. Can I help? Send me an email with details to [protected] Check out my twitter page if you need to verify my identity: Thanks.

    Joey H.
    Embarq Customer Outreach

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  • On
      Aug 06, 2009

    I had never felt so victimized as I did from someone from embarq played around with taped answers from my voice in a doctors office where I work, they claimed I gave authorization to add a $45.70 per month charge for a website service. My doctor does not even have a web site, and I never would have offered such a thing, the girl in our office who handles the doctors bills did not catch it unfortunately for 4 monts and I had to pay $182.70 back to my employer, embarq angrily agreed to reimburse $119.00 of it back to our office after the billing clerk tried to fight it and told them that she wanted to be able to pay me back and the rude salesman stated "she does not deserve to get any money back because she misrepresented your company". After doing a little investigatin I found out that this same thing happened in other offices around our small community, shame on embarq for doing business with such shady characters.

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  • Ja
      Sep 02, 2009

    Embarq, out of the blue, is saying I owe them $786 for DSL service from 2004. This is a total joke. I only had phone service throught them and it was basic service (no long distance). My final bill was $27 and I paid it. What can you do about this Joey?



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