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I bought 2 dresses on Light in the Box website and one dress was $15 the other $12. There was free shipping on those items until November 23rd and I ordered them on Nov 21st which means my order should of been free shipping which would bring my total too $27.99. When I ordered I found out they charged me $15.00 in shipping charges. They sent me a confirmation email to tell me money was taken out of my account and that 3-5 business days my order would ship. Then I get an email saying that I didn't pay and that I need to pay still. They already took the $42.99 out of my account because it says on my account at bank which has their name Light in the box $42.99. Then I get another email saying I now owe $43.99. I was suppose to only pay $27.00 with free shipping and I get charged the $15.00 for shipping then they tell me I owe money and then they try to get me to pay more. It says on that website in my account that order is pending because they are waiting for me to pay. I already paid and I also got a confirmation email saying my account was paid and they will ship my order out in 3-5 days. I don't know what is going on but I will not get scammed. They took my money now I want my order shipped to me. If I have to I will make sure to trace their IP address and file a complaint with better business bureau and with anyone else that I have too to shut them down. There is no telephone number for them and they don't return emails. Here is my confirmation order they sent me.

Order No. [protected] Ordered on November 21, 2014
Dear Teresa Lagrone,
We confirmed payment for your order #[protected] on November 21, 2014 and have begun processing your order!
Once your items have been packed and are ready to go, they will be shipped to you immediately. You will receive a shipment notification via email once your order has shipped.

Bill to Teresa Lagrone
2614 159th St Ct E
Tacoma, WA 98445
United States
Payment Method
Credit or Debit Card
Ship to Teresa Lagrone
2614 159th St Ct E
Tacoma, WA 98445
United States
Ship via Expedited Shipping
Item(s) in Order Item Price Qty Price
Girl's Blue Costume Princess Snow Queen Cosplay Long Dress USD $ 12.00 1 USD $ 12.00
Gils Beautiful Princess Dress USD $ 15.60 1 USD $ 15.60
Sub-Total USD $ 27.60
chinaups USD $ 15.39
Grand Total USD $ 42.99

Nov 22, 2014

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