Electrolux Wave Touch Fridgefrozen water line & produce - design defect

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Electrolux EW23CS65G SXS Wave Touch Counter Depth fridge re-occurring problems with no solution from manufacturer.

Problems: In-door water line freezes solid and meat & produce keepers cause contents to freeze at factory recommended temperature settings.

6 service calls, 2 new Replacement fridges, 1 new replacement freezer door with no solution from Electrolux or Vendor.
1 yr later and lots of frustration, they still deny there is a problem.

Not good future for this new product line at a high price.

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  • Pl
      Mar 05, 2010

    I have an electrolux wave touch fridge and it's a real problem. Not a cheap appliance I thought I was buying semi top of the line appliance. Buyer beware this fridge is bad for your health. You may not notice this but the ice despenser despenses a little more than just ice. It flakes some plastic with the ice, and you would not even know it. I just happen to come across it. I have filed many complaints had the ice dispenser replaced three times. Finally the vendor gave us a new fridge, well wouldn't you just know it it has plastic in the ice as well.
    This is a real health hazard. We noticed it right away with the ice dispenser but not that it would be in the ice itself. my kids have been using the ice for a few months, and I thought the problem was solved. Now again notice it's not, it's in the ice. I think this is a real health concern. Please check your ice carefully, let it melt you will see the particles of non melting plastic in your water.

    the water seems to be clear of any plastic flakes but not the ice. check this out, and make sure you let the ice melt in a clean clear glass.

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  • Sk
      Jan 24, 2011

    I have an Electrolux Wave Touch refrigerator that we bought 1 year ago. We have had continual problems with the ice maker and I never noticed the white plastic particles in the ice before I read this comment. I test the ice as described in the comment and discovered that we have the same problem. This is very alarming. I wonder if there is any solution? We have had every part of the ice maker replaced with new parts, so it may be that there is no solution.

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  • Be
      Jun 28, 2017

    I have the EW23CS65G SXS fridge as well and just discovered a big rust spot on the back of the fridge behind where the ice maker is. The warranty specificaly excludes rust, even on the cabinet. The spot that is rusting is cold to the touch so there must be some insulation issue. The fridge is only 8 years old, was expensive and now is off to the junk pile because Electrolux takes no responsibility and the repair people say it can't be fixed. I just scrapped a dishwasher bought at the same time as the fridge (2009) because the control panel died. That was after having to replace the door seals ($500) because they were leaking when it was only 4 years old - poor design had the wheels of the bottom rack running over the rubber seals. I say AVOID ELECTROLUX MAJOR APPLIANCES!.

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