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A motor failure in a front-loading, heavy-duty, water-efficient Frigidaire washer (model 417.440842) triggered the failure of both the motor and main control boards according to a qualified service person. Two service visits and replacement of the main control board was needed to determine that.

The cost to replace the two boards is $700 plus service cost. The total repair cost is more than the original cost of the machine.

The machine is three years old. The standard guarantees are less than three years. The company, (Electolux) customer service person "lacks the resources" to respond to this complaint.

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  • Ch
      Sep 16, 2008

    I am contacting you on behalf of Electrolux Major Appliances in relation to your posting on I would like to apologize for the difficulty you have had with your appliance. I would appreciate the opportunity to discuss this issue with you so that I can personally look in to this matter in order to do so please send me your contact information, and the best time to contact you. I would also need your model and serial number and a file number if available, so that I can research this matter? Again I regret the disappointment with your appliance and look forward to resolving this issue with you.

    Chris Polk
    Escalation Specialist
    Electrolux Major Appliances

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  • Ka
      Sep 29, 2008

    I have a complaint about the pronto 2 in 1 vacumn. It is a cordless and I have had it less than 2 years. It was a gift from my husband so I have no receipt as he did not keep it. It will not hold a charge so I called electrolux to find a dealer to see if he could order batteries. I got no satisfaction. He told me I would have to buy a whole new unit (the hand part that holds the cup that collects dirt). He thought that held the batteries. I told him that was ridicules. I am extremely frustrated and angry as I have fiddled with this problem for 6 monthes. I went back to Sams and they would do nothing without a receipt. How can I get satisfaction on a product I consider seriously flawed. All I want is batteries to run the unit. Model EL1000 type A serial no. [protected] charger only KA12D150020033u

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  • Wa
      Nov 06, 2008

    I purchased a brand new electrolux dishwasher beginning 0f 7/08. It was delivered at the end of July. Three days after installing we noticed water coming out from under neath it. It ended up being the hose connected permanently to the dishwasher as well as something internal according to the appliance guy. THEIR own insurance comp. came out... said yes we have to replace your entire laminate flooring.. you should hear from them within 30 days...40 days comes NOTHING. I call them.. Oh did I forget the 10 plus calls I have made in the interim to find out whY noone THERE returns their calls...Spoke to Helen HAney... WHO offered NO apologies for the extended length of time this was taking... I asked WHAT the status was and mentioned that the insurance guy didnt check under the flooring for damage and what if we find that.. she mentioned that I should check that and email her the findings.. If no damage she would RUSH out the release papers... WELL, two emails later and two phone calls Still NO response... IMAGINE that!! OH she also m entioned that even though my flooring is almost 5 yrs old they get to deduct for depreciation.. So I will have to pay the rest out of my POCKET for damaged caused by their defective appliance OR I could tu;rn it into my own insurance... and LOSE my claim free discount... Needless to say my floor is still torn up and the "replacement" dishwasher is still sitting in my garage...3 months now...Thats what you get for doing business with ELECTROLUX... NEVER AGAIN!!! Oh and they originally wanted to "repair" a 3 day old appliance.. I didnt pay 1, 000.00 dollars for a REFURBISHED dishwasher...

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  • Fa
      Apr 15, 2009

    I purchased a Frigidaire upright freezer in Aug. 2008. My previous freezer (Sears Coldspot) died at 40 yrs. of age, and it never had any problems. On Apr 06, 2009 the new freezer stopped working. Ever since I have been getting the run around from Electrolux. I have called them every day. I get someone in a foreign country, and it is difficult to understand them due to their accents. Each time they ask for the same info that I have already given them, even though I also give them my "reference" number. After several days they called to tell me that someone will be out to look at it on Apr 14. I ask my work to have off that day. On Apr 13, I called Electrolux to get the name and number of the repair place, so I can find out what time they are coming. I called the place and they have no record of it. They said Electrolux normally faxes the info to them and they had not received anything. I once again called Electrolux. In her thick accent, the woman replied, "ma'am, we don't send faxes." We went back and forth about this for a few minutes, she told me to call them back the next day. I told her that I had been calling them for the past week, and they needed to straighten this out and call me back. The lady said they would call me the next day ( Apr 14). As of 1000am Apr 14, I had not heard from Electrolux. I tried calling them and reached a recording telling me that they were experiencing technical difficulties and to call back in 4 hours! This is ridiculous. As of today, Apr 15, Electrolux still has not called. What kind of customer service is this? I purchased a freezer at a local store yet when problems arise, I have to deal with people in foreign countries who don't know what they are doing. It is now almost two weeks later, I am left with a broken 8 month old freezer and loss of food, and Electrolux is absolutely no help at all. I will never purchase any of their products again. I honestly believe that today, things are not made to last. They are made cheaply, so that they breakdown and you have to buy a new one, so the big, impersonal companies can fill their pockets with your hard-earned money.

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