Elavon / Stole 100k from my account

CA, United States

This company stole 100k from me and my company on July 11th 2011. I have been asking them why since that date and have not revieved anything in writing. I have spoken to Lisa Yaple, Jay Smith, Bernie Deckys, all managers that deal with Elavon and work for Costco, Coscto is the one that recommended this two bit company Elavon. They act like they are concerned but nothing has been done in three days. Costco says they cannot even get Elavon to respond? Really Costco...your a billion dollar company and Elavon will not answer why they took 100k of my money without any notice. Oh..for those reading, i have been in business for 15 years and have high dollars balances, obvioulsy if they swiped 100k from my account.

Ralph White and Lawrence Taylor from Elavon should not be trusted. They are completely worthless and after they get you signed up..good luck getting any correspondence.

Lucreatia Embry, Carla M Henry and Todd Aaron with Elavon are absolutely no help either. I have sent in emails to these people repeatedly without any response. I am going to email them this link on complaintsboard so they can reply but I doubt they will. This is so fustrating to lose this amount of money without any written evidence from Elavon or Costco as to why the money was taken.

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