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Elavon Complaints - Merchant Processing Services
I did read my contract says must comply with pci not a word about a web site Your contract is not clear and neither was the person that signed me up. where to sign up for pci. charged extra 30.00per month for not knowing how to comply did not catch it till annual extra charge 50.00.
also charged 5.00 per month for statement received total of 3 in a year.
got the first one then missed several months total of 9. So I figure my contract went into default the second month when I did not receive statements. tried to cancel being charged 195.00. Did not receive 9 statements out of 12 well I think I can prove them wrong, I think a subpoena of total count of customers and a postal bill would prove they are defaulting. Also told not getting statements does not break contract, still collected the 5.00 monthly. A broken contract is just that I am disputing the proprietorial cancellation fee.
I am going to try class action suit if I get enough response.
Feel free to contact me at [protected] or Fax [protected]
name is Jon.
Thanks Little Jon


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