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I tried Eharmony for 6 month then let it expire. They kept sending me offers that kept getting cheaper so after few months of this I signed up for additional 3 months. I decided I would contact anyone with a picture. And I also was in contact with people out of state. And my criteria was very liberal (this time) to see if I would receive any communications. I made it to communication with 2 both were over a 4 hour drive to meet. (we never met) I "started communication" with all just for the heck of it. Shortly after signing up a friend told me of plenty of fish. com . It a free dating site. I had more responses in 2 weeks than my entire membership with Eh. So being a little bitter with how much money I gave to them I attempted to put my profile my experation date (written out in words, not red flag) it red flagged and I am offically ban from Eharmony for violating my agreement with them. I did find it funny how all the same guys were still on Eh my second time around. See ya on (ps i am cute and funny and no i am not fat!lol)

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      11th of Apr, 2009

    I joined E harmony with hope, expectation, and with the anticipation of meeting the love of my life! to sum it up quickly within three weeks I realized something was wrong.Men seldom wrote back, never looked at my profile, or got up to question 4 and you never heard from them again!! Weird I thought so I started communication with everyone, including fat, homely men in their sixties. Still nothing, not a response or a look! I am 52, attractive and thin! I believe they are a fraud, make up profiles, put up old profiles, or God knows what!!! I feel the worst thing they are doing is causing people to loose hope! The customer puts their faith in God and the company...nothing! I would never join again and bad mouth them every chance I get! Found ok cupid, have met many great guys in 1 week! Grace, Missoula

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      6th of Jan, 2010

    I agree e/h is a total rip off. I am very attractive, slender, professional career etc. I continually get matched with 18-wheeler truck drivers with beer guts or construction workers who look like that "Get er done" comedian. Are they kidding...I have nothing compatible with these types. And try asking e/h what the 29 compatitble qualities are and no answer will be given. I've also found out you get matched with people whose subscriptions have expired. Also, I can go a month or longer with no matches ("Sorry our system has no compatible matches for you now")...then when a match does come along, that match tells me he's been on e/h for a long time...well then WHY wasn't I matched with him for the month I got no matches?? Beware...what a coincidence the matches come toward the end of your subscription period so they hope you will renew. Oh, one last match answered the question "What do you do in your spare time" with the resp0nse, "I like to have deep discussions with my WIFE". (Note he did not say ex-wife!)

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