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Be careful giving eharmony as a gift! Eharmony will screw you later by continuing to charge you the gift-giver! It happened to us. We called them to resolve it explaining to them that it is illegal to charge our card on a continuing basis without our approval. They have every right to contact the account holder and attempt to make arrangements for a continuing subscription but it is purely illegal to allow the gift recipient to authorize our card to continue to be charged. And you know what they said? We have to have the gift recipients approval to not charge your card what??? It is not the gift recipients card! This is criminal, scammy, and illegal. Thankfully our gift recipient called for us to authorize the discontinuation of charges on our card! Be careful these people are scammy!


  • Le
    leigh111 Jul 28, 2014

    This service is a complete waste of time and money. I met no one and "matches" were several hundred miles away. When I complained to the company they said I had to broaden my age requirement which was within 6 years of my own. Even the matches hundreds of miles away were of no interest. I was naive in signing up for a year, since it was the best value supposedly. Cost too much and no results bottom line. There are free sites that are much better.

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  • Ei
    Eileen K Feb 09, 2014
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    EHarmony sends matches that are not active/members of the site. I requested dates within do miles - I am getting matches sent to me that are 100's of miles away - when I contacted customer service I was told about the inactive members and the distance, their customer service told me this I have since requested a refund - they have gone silent

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  • Je
    jete Dec 18, 2013
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Do not want service. Was unaware I was on a renewal program as they kept advertising to extend my already unwanted and unused service - $9.90 for an extra month - which I did not take up. Even though I did not take this up I was slugged $119 for 3 months through the auto renewal process. MAKE SURE YOU ARE AWARE OF THIS and turn it off if you don't want it. I tried to contact eHarmony BEFORE the paypal transaction went through. Unfortunately it was a Sunday and they will not take calls on a Sunday. They are more than happy to take your money on a Sunday though. When I finally spoke to someone the transaction had gone through and they would not reverse it. They offered to reduce the amount and reduce the membership time - in hindsight I wish I had accepted this offer. Once escalated to the Trust and Safety department ( I mean really - 'trust' and 'safety' department) my request to have my money refunded and my subscription ended was refused - please note this was at the beginning of the subscription and the service had not been used. Then they just cut you. You are not allowed to respond to their email and they say their decision is final. Concerned about the customer? I don't think so. Concerned about disruption to the customer's service and hence the auto renewal program? I don't think so. Concerned about revenue raising through relying on vulnerable people not reading the T's and C's? I think so. How do companies like this stay in business today?

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  • Un
    UnhappyDater Mar 29, 2013

    After being a member of eHarmony for over a year I did not make one single date!
    The reason is simple & profoundly annoying:
    As part of the search function, you can choose how far you wish to travel to meet with a potential date.
    The settings are fixed in a selection box at 25km, 50km, 150km & 300km.


    I have consistently received 'matches' from over 400km away after selecting 25km or 50km.
    I HAVE NOT received one single 'match' from less than 120km away.
    One 'match' was over 600km away!

    I emailed the admin's several times to be told:
    · They were working on the problem (over 6 months later & the problem was still not fixed when I left the service).
    · To try to be more flexible with how far I would travel.
    · To make changes to my member page & I would get more responses.

    Eventually I quit eHarmony completely, sent a detailed email to the admins explaining why & informed them that I would not be recommending the service to anyone.

    I continue to get reminders to pay for the service (& for 'special' offers, etc.) - they now are returned to sender with prejudice...

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  • Cr
    crgirl Apr 23, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    In March 2017 I re-signed up for eHarmony - a service that I had used successfully in the past. I purchased a 3 month membership, and was charged for the first month upfront (with an agreement to be billed monthly). I immediately attempted to update my profile, since some of my information was outdated - and was surprised to find that I couldn't make any changes at all. When I had been a member in the past, it was under a previous version of their webpage. The web pages either wouldn't load completely or would pretend to save changes, but nothing 'stuck'. I contacted customer support that day, requesting tech support (or a way to use an older version that would work). They were unable to figure out the problem, but offered to make minor changes (like to my 'location' since I had moved), while they tried to make things work.

    Over the past month an a half, I have tried everything their tech support suggested - taking hours of my time, without any payoff. Different web browsers, settings, preferences, security levels, everything multiple times (because for some reason, they were unwilling/unable to look through the full email chain). At first I was grateful for the assistance - over time though, it became very frustrating, since nothing was fixed. To be clear - I'm talking about emails with 'suggestions' for me to try every 2 or 3 days for a month.

    After I was charged the second monthly installment, I requested a refund. It is unacceptable to charge a second time for a service that hadn't been rendered yet. At first, they acted as though they were taking the situation seriously, but once I requested a refund they changed tactics - stating that if I had wanted a refund, I would have needed to have requested it in the first 3 days after signing up. Because I was willing to work with them to fix a technical issue on their end (I do not have any other websites that I have ever visited with similar issues, and I had always been able to use their site just fine before the change to the most recent version), I am being told that there is nothing that they can do for me.

    When I responded that telling me that I couldn't have a refund because I was patient and giving them the benefit of the doubt, they told me that everything is fine on their end, so there obviously isn't a problem - and then condescendingly told me how sorry they were that I was considering leaving the eHarmony 'family' - as if I were deserting them, rather than giving up after being charged twice for a service I had yet to receive.

    I requested the name/phone number of a person that *could* help me - and have been waiting over a week for any kind of response.

    Once you give these thieves your credit card, you're apparently out of luck even if they are unable to make their site usable. Deal with them at your own risk!

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  • Na
    N&N Feb 16, 2011

    I got 3 months membership and only thing ehaemony did is  control member's times and money. I didn't like been controlled by this site. I thought this site was good at first but when I request to cancel my membership at first week of my 3rd month I stopes receiving my matches for 2 weeks which i was getting 5-7 matches everyday for past 2 months then I started to receiving again on last week from the cancellation date. So if I met someone in this last week and not enough time to communicate I had to renew my membership that's what they want!!! I don't like this shady business practice! And I closed my account so eharmony can't use my profile to get more new members even I am not active member when the free communication week happens. I do not recommend this site to anybody.

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  • Jo
    JonSmith Dec 17, 2010

    Eharmony provides bad customer service. When you ask them a question about a free communication weekend not only do they tell you that they don't know when the next one is, but when it does occur they say they'll email you and you get nothing in yo inbox, not even in the spam folder.

    With that in mind, they make it difficult to communicate with ya matches during free communication weekend and won't let you chat with them via EH email anymore. And the matches they do send you aren't even worth taking the time to chat with most of the time.

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  • St
    SteveB123 Sep 02, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    eHarmony somehow obtained my eMail (list?) and has been spamming me ever since. I am widowed and don't want to find a "soulmate" but eHarmony keeps spamming me.

    They promise to stop then continue their unethical business practices. What a bunch of liars, hypocrites, and creatures completely devoid of any integrity whatsoever.

    Horrible company! One of the worst I have dealt with ever!

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  • Li
    lizreynolds Jan 10, 2010

    No sense blaming an online dating site if nobody wants to go out with you. Ever put thought on why men don't respond to your profile? Is it as interesting and exciting as lawbooks? Trying singlesnet might not help you either sweetie if you don't change things.

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  • Kr
    krispix318 Jan 02, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I agree with you (the poster, not jimmy). Many people who have used the site say the same thing. I used eHarmony and only had actual communication with a few people. I also never got responses after the communication passed the stage where auto-responses could be generated. I only used it for a couple of months and never will again. Try singlesnet

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  • Tj
    tjck Jan 02, 2010

    I paid for a one year subscription. Was matched with 270 men. 122 never responded. I think these are unsubscribed or phantom "members". 142 closed their match for unknown reasons. Some were 100's of miles away in other states or Canada. No personal meetings were made through this site. I would not recommend this over hyped site. I think it is a rip off.

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  • Un
    unreal228 Nov 27, 2009

    Thanks for the warning... I feel like I wasted my time filling out all the questions, loading photos, etc. Now my email is flooded with "my matches" and when I click their names - I have to become a member to see their photos - not sure if I want to waste $120 for the basic plan ...

    It's discouraging is all

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  • Fo
    Former_eHarmony Nov 21, 2009

    I used to work for eHarmony. If anyone has any questions about how to contact them or what you need to do regarding cancellations or anything similar, feel free to email me at [email protected]

    Remember, I said I USED to be a customer service agent. Please don't send emails cussing me out!

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  • Ar
    Arllo Nov 11, 2009

    Online it showed a 52% discount on membership but it woudn't enter it - I emailed eharmony and never heard back from them. I had to wait until I got my bill to call them. I write to them and write and once in a while they may respond back. I have requested a physical address from them but they seem to not want to give it out. They won't credit my account either.

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  • Ex
    exie Jun 14, 2009

    First notify your bank that no further draft should be paid to this company. next send a certified letter to the company telling them what you expect and threatening legal action.

    The fine line print details what your responsibilities are when signing on with any on-line, telephone, or other solicitation. They use alot of tricks to get you to authorize payments.

    good luck

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  • Ka
    karen Jessup Jun 14, 2009

    I subscribed to eharmony for 1 month at a fee of $59.95. This was for the month of May. However, i did NOT give
    permission for eharmony to deduct money from my chosen account for another months subscribtion!.

    I would appreciate eharmony re- depositing the money they have deducted from my account( i think about $49.95), as i
    NO longer want to subscribe to eharmony.

    Thank you,


    Karen J.

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  • Ed
    Edie Jun 05, 2009

    Oh God where do I begin. Major rip-off, don't fall for the slick commercials, and that creepy pedophile looking Dr.Warren. eHarmony seems to attract the worst class of men in the world. Lazy, rude, shallow, hypercritical, obnoxious, and many of them don't even finish their profile pages or include a picture. Oh but then they will drop you in a heartbeat after the first round of guided communication the second they read something they don't like or the next cutie arrives. You get all these matches that you don't know if are still subscribers or not, dead, moved on, married, etc. Worse yet they will not tell you who is active and who isn't. Other services are much cheaper and have more to offer. Just an overpriced sham.

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  • Mi
    Mike McFarland Nov 11, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Complaint #[protected]. You can see I used eh for 2 months. Then I did not renue my membership after that time, and stopped using it also. So tell my why you did unauthorized payments. You sent several accounts notices that I was low and got no renue payment. So now I am telling you that I want those unauthorized payments back? So when expect for those payments to be reversed? Mike

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  • Valerie Oct 09, 2008

    I paid once on Eharmony, the men they sent were less than pleasing to the eye, very old, very obese, or would close before contacting me. They kept sending me men and finally I broke down and paid again. The same results, this time they renewed even after I had closed down my profile. I'm supposed to get my money back... that remains to be seen. Eharmony is a waste of time, no one should ever use that site. They should not except profiles from people that will not submit a picture, or not send them to paying customers as prospects. No picture who are you talking to? I don't care how many people they say they have matched. It is probably one person in 2 or 3 thousand that finds someone. Just think how much money they can get if thousands try their service only once. It would also depend on how desperate you were to have someone. I was a fool twice read and a take heed. It is a total waste of very good money in this economy.

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  • Be
    Betty Lou Aug 24, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Subscription was renewed without prior authorization over two years ago.
    After two years of trying to stop their spam, I finally got a letter saying I would not longer receive spams.
    Today, I got another spam.
    I am so sick of the predatory nature of this corporation and it's founder, dr. warren what's his name. He acts like a real sociopath and obviously cares nothing about people and is stealing their money, while claming to be a Christian.
    Here is one way to retaliate:

    Call them: [protected], wait for a customer service rep and then hang up.
    Do this over and over. This will cost you nothing, but they are charged for the service and time to pay people.
    It is a small way to win a big war but we should try to do something.
    Tell anyone who has been cheated by eharmony.

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  • Pa
    Pat Mar 14, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    After seeing so much of Dr. Neil Clark Warren hype up eHamony, I thought I'd try it, 2nd time in 4 years. I spent nearly 2 hours of my time filling out a free personality inventory, then got the abrupt message "Unable to Match You at This Time" and "If we find that we will not be able to match a user using these profiles, we feel it is only fair to inform them early in the process. " In 5 areas, there where areas that COULD be negatives for me, but at the same time, they told me how they could be also be positives for me. So which is it? I want to have hope that there could be someone special for me, but this certainly doesn't make me feel that way. Don't waste your time! I will never try this site again - there are others rated higher.

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