eHarmonyfalse advertising

Review updated:

Compatibilty? Right! I am Asian looking for Caucasian women and they tell me I am only compatible with Asian women (bunch of racists!).

I decide to get them a second chance when they send me an email ad to come back. I did within 2 hours of when the ad expired on Pacific Daylight Time. When I click the link and the website said the offered expired. I said to myself, "What!!!". They must have Eastern Daylight Time servers as I had a full two hours. Bunch of liars!

I complained to the BBB about it but eHarmony denies it. All of sudden my email account was bombarded with over 800 junk email about eHarmony three years after my complaint.

Never again will I trust any dating web company for all of them can't make any compatibility unless they hired actors for their comercials.

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