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eHarmony / poor service!

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Well, here is my embarrassing story, and please note I am doing my own investigative work, no party is guilty; HOWEVER... Matched with this incredibly awesome man via eHarmony. Says all the right words, attentive, AND supposedly is in the military - a brave soldier currently on active duty in Afghanistan.

Well, my brave soldier since he met me asked me to front over $5100 in USD. Hmmm what is wrong with this picture? No no - different increments. Okay, so I was stupid and began my questioning and researching only AFTER the fact I wire $300 to his "agent."

Well public records do not show my match to exist (Martin Joll/M.Joll of Erie, PA) no matter what state I have been told he has lived (TX, MA). His parents are dead. He is divorced. He is an only child. While I cannot deny any of this to be true, the matter of no public records for a 46 year old who has been married, divorced, purchased homes, etc. is not 'normal.' A recent package sent to my kids by him, lists another man's name, when questioned, it was the name of a fellow trooper, a good friend helping another friend in need, by ordering and paying for the shipment. I placed a call to this company where shipment came from, they can only confirm the sender's name AND that the bill was paid by another name... hmmm did I not mention the sender was also the guy who paid the bill for my awesome liar? I have 2 pics -- but I do not know if this is him or not... I have never seen him. No webcam is allowed in the camp where he is at. I am unable to mail care packages because nothing is allowed to come in and out of he camp....all possibilities considering he very well may be at the front lines in Kabul, but all so very suspicious. No telephones are allowed so I cannot hear his voice - does he have an accent? Ughhh.

I post this ONLY because he is still, to my knowledge, and active subscriber to eHarmony. Even so, from what I am reading eHarmony still forwards inactive subscriptions as matches --- I can definitely confirm this as my subscription has been inactive since July 12 and I am getting matches all the time.

LADIES BEWARE OF M. JOLL, military, Erie, PA!

Now, if after further investigation, my "red flags" are false, then I owe this man a major apology but until then, I remain guarded and hope if anybody out there in cyberspace can provide me additional information, please please contact me and/or post a reply or your situation.

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      11th of Sep, 2007
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    On 08/21/2007 I ended my complaint with:

    "...if after further investigation, my "red flags" are false, then I owe this man a major apology..."

    Due to lack of documentation/evidence through various channels I explored to seek the truth to support my "red flags" I hereby submit an apology to the individual addressed in this complaint.

    “All truths are easy to understand once they are discovered; the point is to discover them.

    "The right to search for the truth implies also a duty; one must not conceal any part of what one has recognized to be the truth” - Albert Einstein

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      25th of Sep, 2007
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    I recently found this complaint after becoming acquainted with this man. I have already noted some differences in his story and have ended all communications with him, but I did not meet him on eharmony. He must be everywhere!

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      25th of Sep, 2007
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    Yes I would like to post this complaint also I have been in contact with this man, and he is very good. I also met him on eharmony, but believe he usings other sites as well as other names. All I can say to any lady out there use your good judgement, if the flags or answers don't add up. There is a reason. TRUST YOUR OWN JUDGEMENT IF SOMEONE TRULY LOVES YOU THEY ARE NOT GOING TO TRY AND HIDE ANYTHING FROM YOU.

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      25th of Sep, 2007
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    After conitinued investigation, this Martin Joll, from Erie, PA is now forwarding pictures of my son to other female suiters stating it is his son. He has a picture of my daughter stating she is a cousin to the boy. IF YOU come into contact with this man and have pictures, please respond. Local authoritities, USMC JAG, Department of Defense, FBI have been contacted and know who this man is. His eharmony profile was apparently removed from their site on 08/24/2007 but not before he was able to communicate with other women. The picture in the BDU is not him. If you received a picture in Class A uniform it is not him. He says he is an army brigadier general but then goes from being a captain to soon a major. He has stated he is in the army, national guard, and now Marines. He is impersonating a soldier WHO IS FIGHTING FOR OUR FREEDOM!! He has moved on to other dating sites! Investigations continue and we will be able to provide those usernames being used! If you want to see pictures of what I have of this man, please reply and I will forward on BUT BE AWARE, THE PICTURE IS NOT THE IDENTITY OF THIS MARTIN JOLL

    Last contact with this man is below:

    Martin Joll wrote:
    Date: Mon, 24 Sep 2007 11:00:33 -0700 (PDT)
    From: Martin Joll
    Subject: Re: PLEASE READ THIS!!

    woman....Martin joll has not been using this email for a long time,i hacked the Email from him,that is why each time i talk to you,i sound harsh on you all the time,am a hacker from pakistan

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      26th of Sep, 2007
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    The person identifying himself as Martin Joll is a Nigerian scammer. The soldier he is identifying himself with is an innocent victim. We are now attempting to find the soldier!

    If you come into contact please file a report using the link below.

    DO NOT SEND PICTURES, $$, GIFTS unless you are confident in the identity AND you TRUST this person!

    CURRENTLY this Nigerian is under a different dating service through Zencon Technologies...,, and others..

    Ref: to become aware of:
    1) Signs you may be dealing with a Nigerian scammer
    2) Mailing addresses and names used by Nigerian scammers


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      3rd of Mar, 2008
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    The man is now going by Scott Cubbler and calls his son Graydon.
    He claims he is a Marine in Iraq, and is a captain and will be promoted to Major in July. He is smooth, he lets you fall madly in love with him, then starts asking for money that he can't get out of his account in the UK. If you help him he can have you take care of his son, that was left with his auntie. He usually comes on IM at 1:00MST. Claimed he was from Clorado Springs and that militants stole his ID. He claims he will take care of you and your children as soon as he gets back. My red flag was the IP addresses. Supposedly his son wrote me an email, the IP address matched his father's, oh but his son is in Ohio and he is in IRaq. I sent $100 to tide his son over, the money was sent to Theresa Frost in St Clair Shore, MI. He asked me to send more and I did, but cancelled the Western Union Transaction before he coule get it. He asked me to take care of his son... here's the redflag, the attorney was supposed to be a JAG but had an email address of I googled it and found out it was all a scam... oh by the way he will send beautiful roses to you right away!!! And loves trying to talk about your children... He is slick. Be careful and DO NOT SEND MONEY!!!

  • Ma
      18th of Mar, 2008
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    Uggh, the Nigerian scam thing is getting atrociously out of hand. I think it's time we invaded Nigeria and took their oil!

  • Pa
      18th of Mar, 2008
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    I met Scott also and my story reads exactly like Michelle's does! After I read her story I called the FBI office here and they said to file a complaint at I did this and encourage anyone else who has met him or someone like him to do the same. The FBI said it would take a number of people complaining for it to merit an investigation. They said there is just so much of this that happens that they are overwhelmed! They also said there needs to be a signifigant sum of money being scammed from people. I don't really know where "Scott" is but please beware of him and I'm sure he has changed to a new name now so if this sounds familiar please add the new name to this. Also the Auntie's name that I was given was Daina Arias in San Antonio TX.

  • Gw
      4th of Aug, 2008
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    I joined back in June 2008. This nice looking 44 year old, Had blue suit on, white dress shirt, red tie, jacket thrown over shoulder. Dark brown hair, Blue eyes, wearing glasses. He is Self- Employed As a PROJECT MANAGER that builds roads and bridges. His profile said He was from Raliegh, North Carolina. His ID was Sunnyman001 is Email From the very beginning He said that JESUS CHRIST brought him into my life. He started calling me sweetie, baby, sweetheart, told me He was the ONE !!! That He loved me. We talked everyday for 2 weeks. Then He asked me for $550.00 for his hotel bill in Lagos, Nigeria. I told him no. My friend told him she used to work overseas for hotels and they used to ask the Companies for $500.00 to $1000.00 over what there bill would be so it would be covered. When she told Him, He still asked me for the money. I said no way!!! In his profile he was white man, I bought an International Calling Card and called the number it was a land line phone. He was definitely not American. He had a strong AFRICAN ACCENT. I just Thank GOD for all the red flags HE showed me. What's really sad is it's happening on CHRISTIAN WEBSITES. Something truly needs to be done about this. I'm Thankful that I know who I am In CHRIST JESUS and can tell a scammer when I see one!!! LADIES AND GENTLEMEN BEWARE OF THE NIGERIAN, UNITED KINGDOM, RUSSIAN SCAMMERS!!! DON'T SEND MONEY!!!GOD BLESS ALL OF YOU!!!

  • Ro
      17th of Aug, 2008
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    If anyone gets another photo of this ###, please forward it on, I will be able to tell what his true rank is. I've notice in some of the photos that the person he is representing is a PFC (Private First Class) NOT even close to being a Captain or a Major. Besides, if he was a truly an officer, he would not have to ask for money, cause they get paid close to $5500 to 6500 per month not counting hazards duty pay and overseas pay, which could bring his total monthly pay to $8, 000 a month!!! For your info, military members are paid twice monthly.

    Another red flag, when they use USD after the amount, there requesting.

    If you come across another person stating that they are in the US Military and in a war zone and want $$$... Tell them goodbye, see ya or kiss my a$$!!

    This really makes me mad, cause I'm a retired military member and a combat veteran from Vietnam. I would love to get my hands on one of these Nigerian ni**ers!!!

  • Sh
      14th of Jan, 2010
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    I have been receiving pictures and e-mails from a scammer that I met on, as well. He is using the photos of a VERY handsome soldier. His claim is that his wife died giving birth to his son 5 years ago and that his mother passed away last year. I got a picture of him with both his son and his "deceased" mother. THIS IS A SCAM. I asked him for his birthday and he told me it was July 18th...when I researched I found out the REAL man has my birthdate. How funny. If a man tells you he loves you after a couple of days...even weeks...or asks you to order a Ts2 phone or put in a request for a transit leave...he is a SCAMMER. Soldiers can call home without Ts2 phones, they can receive care packages and write letters.

    Good luck to all!

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