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I had a free eFax account for several years. Printed my eFax supplied fax number on thousands of cards. When people told me they had sent me faxes I tried sending one to myself. I didn't get it either. I contacted eFax customer service and was told my account was cancelled. They quoted me terms of service that stated they have the right to cancel service without notice. There was mention of spam reports from their advertisers that I have no idea of what they were talking about. I was also told my number had already been assigned to another account. Think twice before using this service. You have no control of the fax number they give you and they can take it away from you without notice. eFax response: Section 12 explains the termination policy and that eFax can terminate any free account without notice.

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  • Cs
      Jul 28, 2010
    eFax - Terrible Business Practice
    j2 Global Communications
    6922 Hollywood Blvd. Suite 500
    United States
    Phone: [protected]

    Multi-year customer who rarely used eFax service but paid $169/year on the chance I might receive faxes. Annual service renewed in mid-March automatically. Recently, in attemptng to use their software on my Snow Leopard OS Macintosh, the software would not run. There is no update offered.

    I called to complain and request a refund. The two levels of "Customer Service" people said their company policy was not to issue refunds--but they would cancel my service. I asked to speak to higher ups and the CSR said she did not have any higher ups. She said thir agreement does not guarantee their software will work on Macintosh computers and she had no date for when an update would be available. I consider this company close to a scam. The employ terrible business practices and an abuse of interstate commerce over the net. Some state attorney general (CA?) should investigate and either shut them down or get them to respect the rights of consumers. I will never do business with eFax or their parent company again.

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  • Ma
      Jun 04, 2011
    eFax - Will not cancel acct
    San Fransisco
    United States

    I have spent 6 months and been charged $125+ while trying to cancel my account with these bandits. Beginning in11/10, I have tried cancelling via live chat, phone, and email with no results. I talked with a surly CSR who spoke very bad English today and did get a cancellation confirmation mailed to me. We shall see. However, I was told no refund was possible because they had no record of my previous communications. Very convenient -- for them! If this does not work, I will have to change financial account numbers to keep them out of my pockets, a time-consuming and extremely annoying prospect.

    They also allow, or perhaps encourage, tons of junk email to be sent. They say they can do nothing about It. Really?

    My suggestion is to spend a few $$$ to buy the equipment so VoIP line and computer can service faxes. Took about 15 minutess to install. Also pretty much eliminates junk faxes.

    I found out after the fact that they have large numbers of consumer complaints filed with the BBB. Their attitude is that they just don not care. Whatever you do, stay away from eFax!!!

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  • Th
      Jul 30, 2011
    eFax - non cancellation of account
    United States

    despite me asking for 3 months for them to cancel my account, they have failed to do. I have now had to resort to my bank and report this as a fraudulant and unauthorized transaction. This will mean an inconvenience of having to change cards.

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  • Al
      May 11, 2012

    Law Firm Investigating Potential Class Action Regarding eFax Overcharges (Advertisement)

    My name is Alex Safyan and I am an attorney at the law firm Pearson, Simon, Warshaw & Penny, LLP in Sherman Oaks, CA. My firm focuses on consumer class actions, and we are currently investigating a potential class action against J2 Global (the company that owns eFax) for overcharging customers after they cancel their eFax free trials. We saw your complaint on this website indicating that you were charged after you cancelled your eFax free trial. If you would like to discuss this potential matter further, please contact me at [protected].

    Thank you,

    Alex Safyan

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  • Eb
      Jul 08, 2013
    eFax - Free support 100% useless
    United States

    I have been locked out of my account for a month now, unable to read my faxes because my account data has apparently become corrupted on eFax's servers. Because I have a free account, their phone and chat agents absolutely refuse to help me, claiming that they cannot access free accounts. Yet a phone support agent at least took a moment to try, and confirmed that he got the same error when trying to logon to my account from his own computer. Of course, I already knew he would; as I had tried on two Macs, a PC, an Android, and four different browsers before calling.

    I have contacted e-mail support over five times now - advising them that I use LastPass and have not forgotten my password - and find their e-mail support agents as useful as an udder on a bull. With each new ticket I open, the response is exactly the same: they send me another welcome e-mail with my fax number and password. Unless I want to pay $14 a month to receive 4-5 faxes (about $3 for every incoming fax I receive), I may have no choice but to create a new account with a new number, because eFax cannot maintain the integrity of their customers' data, or provide support that is worth a lick. Ridiculous!

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  • Ct
      Dec 16, 2013

    I had the same thing happen. I had it automatically going out of my bank and had to file a complaint with my bank in order to get them to quit taking money out of my bank. I called and although I could give them all the information on my account including the card being changed, I didn't have the efax number and so they "couldn't" cancel my account. So, they just kept charging. I won't recommend them and in fact I have filed with my State's Attorney's office due to the inability to cancel and account.

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