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I ordered some parts from them. All parts were listed as in stock or available. They sent me half of my order and the other half they said was back-ordered. I was tricked into buying something they didn't even have in stock.
3 weeks later I receive another package from them, thinking its the other part that was back-ordered. Well, it wasn't. They sent me a box filled with the wrong parts.
I called their incompetent customer service department who said they don't have my part in stock so they will back order it (Again). When i expressed my frustration, they gladly wanted to refund me. Hey! I ordered because I need that part! Do you not understand?!
Now I am waiting again for them to back order the same part again and begged them to try and not make the same mistake again.
Terrible experience. First and last time ordering from here.

May 13, 2015

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